Lynchburg College Top Questions

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It's tight nit, friendly and passionate about sports.


Lynchburg is a small school but it allows for professors and students to really get to know each other as well as students getting to know each other. Having it be small allows for academic success because the professors know who you are as a person and care about your success in his or her class. Even in general education classes, the class size is no more than 30 students compared to 100+ students at large schoos or universities. We are a stong community and come together even when someone we may not know is struggling. That's a community!


I chose to attend Lynchburg College because of its size. I found that I learn better in an environment that didn't have alot of other students in the classroom, and Lynchburg College provided that for me. The size of the classrooms is what appealed to me and that is one of the unique factors of Lynchburg College.


It is like its own community where people work together and rely on one another.


Although it is a smaller school, the community is so supportive and friendly. You can go anywhere and always find someone you know. If you don't know anyone its not difficult to make a friend. The campus is diverse, but it unifies beautifally.

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