Lynchburg College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I like the college. There is a great balance of quiet time and activities. Most professors will go out of the way to serve you and all will surely get to know you.


I personally love LC because everyone is so nice! One problem I did have in the beginning was finding stuff to do on the weekend, but once you find a group of friends it is easy to find something to do. The class sizes are small enough where the teachers know your name, and large enough where the class can have different discussions with a variety of opinions. It really helps to get involved on campus and there is always something to get involved in.


Starting answering! Lynchurg College offers many major and minors ... you name it Lynchburg College has it for you! . LC business programs are fantastic; students learn through practice during class and through real business world situations. LC Professor engage you in practice so you can benefit from a great experience in class.

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