Lynchburg College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who isnt willing to become involved because its very hard to fit in without involvements .


I feel like anybody can attend this school, if they put their mind into it.


A person that should attend Lynchburg College is someone who thrives in small communities where you can get to know most people on campus and have a close relationship with your teachers. It is also a great college for those who are activly involved in their communities. Lynchburg is a very outdoorsy campus in that many of the students enjoy stuff along the lines of hiking, camping and organic products. Everyone is extremly friendly and are always ready to help if help is needed, even if they do not know the individual.


A person who is looking for a big campus and extremly large classrooms should not attend this college. It is a moderate sized friendly campus with small classroom sizes for interaction between professors and students.


Unmotivated, close-minded, immature people who are only concerned with partying should not attend my school. Also, people who are not interested in diversity and volunteering should not attend my school. Lastly, people who are looking for a large campus atmosphere with football as a major focus schould not attend my school.


Anyone who doesnt have money or didn't go to boarding school. Ethnic students.


Some one that wants a huge party school should not attend Lynchburg College. Someone that wants to be a part of a big school with a known football team should not attend this school. Anyone that does not want to work hard for their success.

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