Lynchburg College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Our sports.


I feel the best thing about my school is the multiple opportunities the school offers. The opportunities vary from jobs available, academic resources/help, volunteering, and so much more. The college is very involved with the students and helping them to achieve all they wish and want. The school goes above and beyond to assist students and try to make as much possible as it can. After graduation, there is a whole world out there and Lynchburg College wants its students to succeed so it is very involved in creating a bright future for all.


I really enjoy the hands on experiences that the school provides. Those experiences would include time in the lab, study sessions, and all the science gang letures and the list goes on. There is always something for everyone on campus.


There is a very strong community aspect to the campus, and the teachers are almost allways willing to work with you on anything that you need help with.


The best thing about LC is the small classrooms and the closeness of the campus (both students and faculty). The faculty knows the students by name and often follow their progress through school. In addition, There are plenty of resources available to students who need extra help outside of class.


Best thing about LC is the small class size. My largest class is only 30 people.


The opprotunities here. There are so many opprotunities to get involved in something of interest to you. If there's nothing already established on campus you are interested in, you can work with the administration to get something started. This school is very open to new ideas and trying things new ways.

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