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It is small and creates a sense of community. It's location is perfect to stroll and get out and explore the cities.


I didn't consider any other schools, I chose Mac because it was perfect for me in every way.


MAC IS EXCELLENT. As a freshman, it takes a little to get used to the college life and getting away from people who are still in the high school mode of getting grades, but the minute you step onto campus, and enter your first course (which usually is your first year course), you will begin to learn from some of the brightest minds at any liberal arts college! Once you decide a major and fall in love with a department you will be hooked on Macalester's philosophy on education. The lack of political diversity takes a little to get used to, but on most college campuses there usually is not much of that. The professors however are not included in that statement, as they are very open and considerate of each and every one of their students. After a year of being here, I am seeing and feeling the same things that made me want to come here. MAC IS THE MOST WELL ROUNDED OF ALL OF THE COLLEGES THAT I HAVE SEEN.


It is in a beautiful neighborhood of a great city where I feel safe enough to walk by myself in the dark, but eclectic enough that I don't feel like I'm in the suburbs. Macalester also is like a mini United Nations both in values of the school and diversity of the student body. You won't find too many girls carrying Prada bags to class, or boys wearing Lacoste polos... unless it's an "ironic postmodern statement" to do so.


The students are all really passionate about something. Also, they are all really engaged and bright.


My school has a lot of pretty good-looking nerds! We study vigorously but we are still well-groomed (at least most of us are). And the professors are by the far the best; you will find some really fulfilling relationships here, both personal and professional.


My school is incredibly diverse. We are one of the most international schools in the country. We also do not stress competition and the curriculum is highly adaptive to whatever you want to study.


availibility of professors at the school, and the effort that they make to really get to know you. Also, the student body is very diverse, not only racially, but also internationally, and socio-economically. The students here are genuinely interested in learning.


The focus on the arts is what I am into the most. The layout and architecture of the campus, the diversity present in all aspects.


Dorms are nice, food is good, classes are small, St. Paul/Minneapolis is sweet, everyone is friendly and not a d-bag


If you're white, rich, and a hippie, you'll fit in


Mac is a lovely place - but again, it is a small liberal arts school up in Minnesota. It gets cold - but you get a great education. It's really just about what you want from your college years. The people here are second to none, profs and students alike, and the academics deserve so much more credit than they publicly get from the press. If you're intent on partying up your college life, though, this just isn't the place for you. Most are here to learn, and it shows - we know how to have a good time, but we know when we need to get back to the books, too.


I love my school.


I didn't like Macalester for the first year and a half. I was miserable. I applied to Pomona College as a transfer, was accepted, and planned to leave Mac, but I stayed for one more semester, and everything changed. I have heard from many students that it takes a while to warm up to the school, but once you do, its great. I love Mac now, and I can't imagine spending my 4 years of undergrad anywhere else. In fact, I do not want to graduate. I would like to stay at mac for a few more years, but I guess its time to move on.


Mac is really P.C., and it can be stifling sometimes. I've felt before that we spend so much time analyzing and picking apart society that we miss the forest for the trees, and drown in academic sterility. The community does feel small after a while. It's important to have things to do that engage you off campus or with a variety of people. Be careful about your reputation - people do talk, and it only takes five minutes for a bad choice to make all the way across campus and back.


For the most part, on-campus housing is pretty decent compared to what my friends at most other colleges have. However, one freshman/sophomore dorm, which has a litany of nicknames (all negative) has singles that are technically smaller than the minimum size of a minnesota state prison cell. Luckily for us, we're allowed to leave it whenever we want. And in general, the RAs are a far, far cry from prison guards. The school just built a behemoth of an athletic center, the largest of any division 3 college, and though it will be extravagantly wonderful (3 olympic sized pools, a juice bar, saunas, raquetball courts, etc) it is also bigger than almost any other building on campus, and is clearly compensating for something. Not that I don't intend to fully enjoy it...


Aey OO Mac a Mac a Mac!!!


This is a wonderful place if you want fun and academics. No crazy drinking usually but we're not completely sober either. Wonderful professors that are available and actually know your name. Slight discrepancy between guys and gals (40{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} versus 60{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}) but you can find guys. don't come here is you can's handle some liberal views or at least hold your own in a debate.


You should visit. Its adorable and quaint but highly respected and rigorous. And the urban location ideal!


Macalester is fun, but challenging! Sometimes I wish I'd chosen an easier way to get my degree, but the atmosphere is just so amazing. The food is generally very delicious, also.


I Love Macalester, and I feel as if it takes a certain "breed" of student to come here.


I think I pretty much covered anything...oh, gotta plug my department: Anthropology rocks my socks off! The department is so cool and fun...anthro students are definitely the coolest on campus.


I think a student who loves to be in the middle of a vibrant, metropolitan city, constantly seeing new faces walking down the sidewalk, constantly meeting people from very very different walks of life, socio-economic status, completely different cultural backgrounds, etc, wouldn't exactly feel at home at Macalester. Macalester is located in the Twin Cities, which is an area. Campus is not in the middle of a dense urban area where you are likely to be overly-stimulated by multi-culturalism. Macalester's section of St. Paul, plainly put, is rather plain. However, if you're a student that is willing to get on a bus to remove yourself from campus and put yourself in a vibrant place (they do exist in abundance in both cities), Macalester might be for you. A short message for students who are not from the Midwest: the Twin Cities has more to offer than you realize! However, campus is not "in the middle of it all." You have to want to get to know and experience the Twin Cities to actually take advantage of Macalester's urban location, because there is plenty to keep you busy on campus. I love Macalester. It is tempting to stay and work there (not uncommon!). People who graduate from Macalester often choose to live within two miles of campus. However, those who don't stay in Mac-Groveland often go travel in Shanghai or Rome or Quito, because they obtained a serious travel bug from studying abroad, or studying Africa in the classroom. I found studying Africa inside a classroom frustrating. Leaving campus for a semester or two to travel, to study abroad, to do other work outside the U.S. characterizes the Macalester experience. It's hard not to think about that, as I find myself in Buenos Aires at this moment!


The liberal thing can be a bit scary for a conservative thinking about coming to Macalester. Don't let that stop you from coming. I came and I love it here. You will face difficulties during discussions in or out of class, but don't let that discourage you. Even though many people here won't give you the time of day when speaking your thoughts, you will be able to find the true liberals that will respect what you say. Even though they might not believe in what your saying, they will listen and discuss with you.


I really love Mac and have from the moment I visited as a senior in high school. I've met some amazing people and done some things that I'm really proud of. I can't imagine myself anywhere else.


Macalester is awesome and I am extremely happy that I'm here!


sorry, but its too long and I have no more time.


I found that international student seem to take more out of education here then domestics possibly b/c they know what they want when they come here, they have specific goals they are aiming for and macalester is just one stop along the way to these goals. where as not a lot of domestic students think about what they want to do in the long-term, make money, save the world, or whatever. you will get help here with answering these questions, but expect to make a decision quickly and know where it will take you.


Macalester really needs to treat its juniors and seniors better. I understand that the school has to look modern and shiny for visitors, but kitchens, TVs, laundry, food availability, and e-mail are all of a very poor quality.


Did I forget to mention that Macalester is in Minnesota? It is April 28th and the low for the night is 27. The high today was 39. April 28th!!! College is so much better when it's warm out. Go south.... you won't regret it.


I absolutely love Macalester and I feel completely at home there. One topic I know a lot about is religious life at Macalester, so I want to share a bit about it: The chapel, which was recently renamed the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life (CRSL) houses the various religious orgs on campus. There are a wide variety of orgs, from Mac Protestants which meets for Vespers on Sunday nights to Sitting at Mac, which is a new Buddhist org to Mac Jewish Organization which holds Open Shabbat every other Saturday. There have also been groups for Pagans and Ba'hai and Unitarian Universalists, although these groups are smaller, and sort of come and go as students maintain/dont' maintain them. There is also a new Multifaith Council at Macalester which discusses issues of faith and holds events concerning various faiths throughout the year. These events could be a large group discussion, a speaker, or just a chance to hang out with the Council and have some snacks. The chaplains who work in the CRSL are very caring and wise people, and i think they are an often overlooked resource when students are going through a hard time. While Macalester often gets painted as "godless" the students there are actually spiritual in a wide variety of ways, and the CRSL is a great student resource.


Truth be told, it's a great school, and I really mean that. It took me a year to like, but I really like it now. I've developed an appreciation for the area, the people, and the ethos of the place. It is an institution whose recognition is on the rise, whose mission has never seemed so relavent as now. Being there feels like being part of something, which is not something that I can say I would expect to find at any college, or even very many of them. I would say come, visit, and if it feels like its worth a try and there's nowhere else you'd rather go, go, and take it in. It may take some time but it has its rewards. You certainly get out what you put into it.


Reslife at Mac is a bitch. Reslife is the entity that controls dorm life and punishments, and they really piss me off. There are too many contradictions in the system at Mac. Some RAs feel it's there duty simply to protect students, while others feel responsible for punishing as many people as they can. THAT IS NOT THEIR JOB DESCRIPTION. Protection is great, RAs should be their to regulate so that excessively dangerous situations don't arise; however, they should not take it upon themselves to shut down social life in the dorms when so few alternatives, especially in winter, are presented as activities.


I would go here again if I had to redo my college career.


Mac is wonderful, seriously.


Macalester students are politically correct to a fault. Sure, it's important to make sure that everyone is comfortable in the community they live it. But give me a break, sometime Helen Keller jokes are just funny.


it's a great place. there are definitely problems- but the students here want to work towards a collective solution because they want to own their education and their four years here.


Beware of Macalester if you are susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder - getting through that long, frigid winter is NOT easy. You WILL get tired of waking up every morning, seeing that the high for the day is -2 degrees Fahrenheit, and thinking you need fewer layers than the day before.


That was a long survey, dude. But I hope it helps.


Don't bother with this place. It's a waste of time and money.