Macalester College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


People who are lazy, don't care about their school work, or who don't work hard and don't want to learn. Also people who are close-minded


People who aren't willing to adjust their mindset to accept many different kinds of people from many different backgrounds should not attend Macalester.


A conservative, traditionally popular or preppy individual with little or no tolerance for diversity.


A person who is liberal, musical, artistic, athletic, open-minded, and academic.


people who want a diverse group of people in terms of values and opinions


Students who want to be able to blend in, particularly academically. It's a VERY small school - you have to be OK with that. Students who place a high value on a very active social scene, particularly big parties. It's pretty low key at Mac. Students looking for a competitive academic environment - everyone is intelligent, no one cares who gets better grades than who. The school could use more politically conservative students, but the atmosphere is so overwhelmingly liberal (on social issues), that many conservatives are unhappy here.


A person who either does or wants to believe in themselves. Macalester will help.


Someone judgemental.