Macalester College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about this school is the diversity. There are students from all over the world who go to classes with you, students of all types of gender or no gender at all, all sexualities, all political spectrums... you learn more about the world around you than you would at any other school. Instant connections are made with people from all around the globe, and they serve as a constant support system for you as you make your way through college.


The best thing about Macalester is the emphasis on being a civically engaged student. There are various programs that are geared towards this and I am involved in one. Through the program, I've been able to get work study jobs off campus at an elementary school and an organization that offers social services that are geared towards my interests.


The best thing is the rich diversity. It truly does make a difference in the classroom. Plus, you get to know people of different backgrounds. It is unlikely you'll find somone who is just like you. A large portion of the student body is foreign, and the rest have foreign connections, travel, or have lived in multiple regions.


Macalester taught me how to think. That is, to constantly engage critically with my surroundings, and to be able to express my ideas about the world both verbally and in written form. What could be more important?


The diversity of students and interests.


The classes and the professors. They teach traditional classes in a different manner and also teach classes that involve case stuies and real life situations, and there is a great mix of classes offered.


High quality education, great access to teachers and resources, able to get into cities with very little issue, lots of international students (would like more)


Diversity is nice.


The atmosphere is comoforting. Macalester believes in me when I say that I want to make a difference. No one is afraid to speak their opinion in a classroom.


Macalester College, Campus Climate Challenge 2007


Macalester College event similar to "Dancing with the Stars"


Macalester College event similar to "Dancing with the Stars"