MacMurray College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


One of the worst things about this school is the construction being done on campus. I live in the dorm right next to the building being torn down. The workers are loud every day of the week very early in the mornings.


It was too small. The town was too much of a party town. It seemed as if students and teachers was more aware with what happen outside the school then the inside of it.


Well I haven't attended Macmurray yet, I am transferring there in the fall. I am transferring from Blackburn College. The reason I am transferring to Macmurray is because I like the family atmosphere. Which is something that I didn't feel at Blackburn. When students go to college, it is really hard on them, especially first year students, and they need to get that family feeling. If they don't get that feeling, then they are not going to be successful.


The worst thing about MacMurray is that they are very lax about there discipline. Some students would consider that a good thing because you can go out and party ever night and not get in huge trouble, but it does stick for those students who get woken up in the middle of the night because people are being too loud or strangers are knocking on their door.


food because, its horrible

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