MacMurray College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about MacMurray college is the center for learning excellence. You can get any help there that you need, no matter what subject you are struggling in. Someone is always willing to help you out. Whether it is another student or a teacher.


The professors here are extremely helpful and truly want to see their students excel and achieve their goals. They are flexible with their office hours and are willing to donate time and effort in assuring that student's educational needs are being met.


The best thing about this school is the the teachers and the campus itself. The teachers are very kind and friendly and are willing to work with you if you are having trouble in one of ther classes. The campus it self is not that big so it very managable to get from class to class without having to go very far to class.


In my mind the best thing about MacMurray is that it is a large school however the classes are still small enough that the professors know you personally. They are caring and devoted to givin their students all of they know and their experiences.


The thing I like the most about Mac is that it is small. A small school is great because the teachers are always there to help you and you are never just a face in the crowd. The teachers care if you succeed or not and want to see you do well.


approachable, likeable professors who know their students by name, small class sizes that means each student can have an identity in the classroom, opportunities for leadership and interaction with the primary decision makers of the school, opportunities to get to at least recognize by face most of the people on campus.


MacMurray college is a small, liberal arts school. It is not just a college that prepares you for your major intended, but you take a lot of culture classes and other classes to shape you into a better, rounded person.

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