Macomb Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Macomb Community college is a comfortable, convenient and affordable college that any person would feel happy to call their higher educational school.


A place where the strong go to learn how to fight life's constant challenges and take away valuable knowledge to be used all our lives.


Macomb Community College is very friendly


Macomb Community College is close to home and provides me with prerequisite courses so I can transfer to a university in the near future.


Macomb Community College is a great college to get started in; It's not totally overwhelming with having to live on campus and it's not too big to where you get lost easily.


Macomb Community College is a great place to learn and, unlike the stereotypical community college, not subpar to four-year universities.


My school is very diverse. I see people of every ethnic background, social class, and religion available; It provides an excellent enviornmen for learning.


Small School , Small Class room size great learning Environment we have a nice Applied Science Department.


Macomb has small classrooms and a personal atmosphere. You get one on one attention from your instructors and it has a very nice campus. I was very pleased with my experience there and I plan on taking more classes at Macomb in January.