Macomb Community College Top Questions

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First community college where they offered some two year intensive programs in things such as vet tech, electrical technology, and more that I have seen.


There are two campuses; Center Campus, which is located in Clinton Township, MI, & South Campus, which is roughly about 15 miles south of Center, in Warren, MI. I can honestly say that before Macomb, I had never heard of a college with two complete campuses. While there are other colleges with off-site locations, Macomb offers something different in my opinion. I believe it offers variety & flexibility for those who may not be able to travel too far, & at the same time still offer the same college campus experience. There aren't many community colleges that can say that.


Macomb Community College gives students that don't have the opertunity to attend a university the chance to earn an equal education. If the student chooses to transfer the credits earned at Macomb the credits are usually transferable. This school gives students the preperation they need for their future. From the schools numerous options students can find any field that might interest them. Depending on what field of interest a student can even earn an associates or bachelors degree within their feild. Macomb Community College also gives students the option to take online classes and still stay close to home.


I think that my school is very diverse compared to others.