Macomb Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Macomb Community College?


I always brag about how diverse the college is, as I have never had a class with just one or two ethnicities. Macomb faciliates diversity and encourages students to embrace their cultures. Also, Macomb offers a rather stellar tutoring program for a wide variety of subjects.


I brag most about the tremendous learning environment that it has. Professors here truly care about the students and will often go to great lengths to help us understand a topic or give us lifelong advice. My very own English professor this semester was upset at the fact that one student had dropped. It was his goal to have all of us pass the class and grow as students. I cannot stress enough the individual help they will give you. Macomb community college, a real learning environment.


I brag to my friends that my teachers are always there to help me and are nice and friendly.


It's less expensive, the classes are relatively small, and most of the professors are great.


I am a displaced worker returning to school to change careers. I have found that Macomb Community College is a caring concern school. They have been very helpful in the application process. I am part a new distance learning program theat they have started. The Physical Therapy Assistant is a difficult program of study. They are committed to helping me learn the material and becoming a PTA.


I would refer to my school as being a reasonably priced school with great professors and an awesome campus with friendly students that attend. My school is a home away from home and is very welcoming. Even my teachers in high school show great respect for Macomb Community College. Although it is only a community college it was highly recommmended for becoming a four year college. My chemistry teacher in high school once said that it was a great college and now I truely understand his reasoning behind it.