Macomb Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Honestly, it's the fact that there's no housing on campus.I think I would be happier if there was housing because there are people who live far from the school and it would be helpful if we could live closer. Other than that, I don't have any problems with the school.


Macomb Community College is a great school but if i could point out what i don't like well... There are alot of adjuncts teachers and some kind of don't know what they are teaching. Even though some are great teachers I've personally had some horrible adjuncts teachers who just try to pull through without really knowing about the subject. Some classes are hard to find because theres no good directions around the school.


It is usually a long walk from the parking lot to the classroom that I need to be in. Even if I get one of the "close" parking spots, it still isn't very close to the buildings. It's a good idea to get to the parking lot kind of early in order to get the closest spot possible, especially if the weather isn't that great. It can be a pain walking so far in the rain or snow with heavy books. Also, if you're running late to class, closer is better.


I really dislike the commute back and forth to and from school I live in Detroit Michigan it?s like 20 miles from my home one way. School is in Warren Michigan with gas price this get really bad for me. Ideal conditions living close to school would be great in apartments across the street from school.


I have not had anything to complan about. At this point, the Macomb Community College staff has been very helpful. Being 200 miles away from campus makes communication a little challenging at times. Although, my questions and concerns have always been addressed in a timely fashion.


Honestly if I were to choose anything it would be the parking.


They don?t have a proper recreation facility. If I want to do some workout or swim a lap I would have to take a course in PHED. And certain campus has counselors that are not intelligent also the professors in Physics.