Macomb Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Somebody who isn't serious about college. Because no matter what whether you attend a university or community you are spending lots of money for classes and books espeically !


Perfectionists should not attend Macomb, because its student body is comprised mainly of those who couldn't get into four-year colleges due to academic downfalls. Someone who must always correct others' mistakes would quickly become frustrated with the knowledge that many Macomb students, usually by no fault of their own, lack.


A student who is not willing to work at their education or a student who has a poor work ethic. I think a student who is attending college wants a great education and should want to strive to learn more. Yeah, some students may just need the credit, but even if they are in that close they are paying attention and learning something.


All people are welcome to this school. Which is the great thing about this college. No one descriminates against eachother and the staff is ready to help anyones acedemic needs to the fullest extent. I would recommend it to anyone.


People that are expecting a grade for just simply paying money and not doing any work should not go to this school. Those students that think that minimal work will get them by as they coast in life should not go to this school. Like all schools, Macomb Community College takes work and time to learn and progressin your educational career.


I don't think it would be a bad idea for anyone to attend Macomb. It's very diverse and it has a college atmosphere, so students aren't really worried about other people. The people there are mostly just concentrating on their grades and homework, so i think it would be a great school for anyone to attend. I honestly don't think that anyone would have a bad experience there.