Macomb Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Classes tend to be fairly easy to lay out a schedule for, most classes I need are offered multiple times a semseter.


Only two of my professors taught only at Macomb; all the rest also teach at a major university. I love that, for this reassures me that I am getting a quality edcuation that will translate and transfer well once I go on to a four-year university.


The convience of being close to home and that online classes are offered. Being able to have a flexible schedule is amazing.


Macomb Community College has a program with Wayne State University called "WayneDirect". This program allows you to go to school at Macomb while being enrolled at Wayne State. This program also transfers up to 64 credits from Macomb to Wayne.


Most of the classes are easy. I have good teachers. There's not a whole lot to worry about. I can drive my car to and from the school. They really want you to excel in life there.


My school has a ton of different classes and extra-curricular activities to choose from. It's a lot for a community college. The large variety of activities makes it easy to find a club that will work. It's almost a guarantee that you'll find something fun to do. If a class or a club doesn't fit into your schedule too well, there usually are several other options to pick from.


Their program plan, small class room, and low tuition rate. And almost all the professors are extremely good at teaching.