Macon State College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Nursing program is what the school is most known for. It's very competitive and the student's enjoy it. Also we have a great public service program which i am currently enrolled in . The public service programs provides students with opportunities to do internships and learn about profit as wel as known profit organizations.


Many people know Macon State College as a school you attend for two years and then transfer to a university. Now that they have merged with Middle Georgia College, it has become an university. It has grown into a bigger and better university. In reality, it is a great school filled with great professors whos goal is to help you learn and obtain a degree. It is also known for its tough and challenging but great nursing program. A nursing degree from Macon State College makes a statement. I am proud to be a student of Macon State College.


The great teachers and some of the best curriculums in the country. It's small, but it does have excellent programs and classes.


I'd say this school is best known for being the better college in the middle Georgia region. The Warner Robins/Macon area lacks many colleges but what there is Macon State is the top. Despite the title of "state" it is actually a university by every standard.


My school is, unfortunately, best known as a community college because of its history of being open to accepting students that would normally not be accepted into a college. However, this is not the case. Macon State College is a four-year institution that focuses on the education of the students, despite their beginning level. Our school helps the community, but it should known be known by the factor that would be its "best known" attribute.

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