Macon State College Top Questions

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What is unique about Macon State College is that has five campuses. This provides students all over Georgia and around the country a variety of options of where they would like to live and attend. Each campus has a variety of facilieties that are beautiful and allow the students to feel at home. Macon State is place that feels like home.


Before I actually attended Macon State I thought it was going to be a boring old town with boring students and i'll have a boring life. Well was I wrong! My classes were exciting; the teachers at interested in teaching; I really felt like I was learning more then I have ever learned. Through out my years in elementary- high school I never understood the grammar rules; however, two amazing teachers taught me what I needed to know within nine weeks. The faculty there is amazing and friendly. I really enjoy being a student at Macon State College.


It has a homey atmosphere and is a little more relaxed, but no less serious abou the education of its students.


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