Macon State College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Tuition is very low cost and there is always something to do at this school.


The English professors will do everything they can to help the students pass. They are patient and willing to take their time to teach. I have never been good in my English classes but when I took the compass exam I made a perfect score of 99.


I love the beautiful campus and the small class sizes and how avaliable the professors are to students for help if needed


It is a great college with well-motivated students.


My friends and I all brag about the fact that we will have a degree in nursing in 3 more semesters because we just finished our first semester. We also brag that once finished with school we will start out making 20+ an hour.


I brag about all of the great professors I have had. So many of them have taken subject matter that I would normally have no interest in and actually made I care. I can't help but to explain things that I learned in class to my family and coworkers, and they can see how great the school and the professors are by my enthusiasm.


I tell them that the professors are always available to help, mentor, and advise students. Also, the school has beautiful scenery which makes you feel relaxed after a long day of school work .


I tell my friends that my school has a very close community of students and teacher. Everyone is not afraid to be your friend.

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