Macon State College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would focus more on academics and extracurricular activities. I would also focus more on doing volunteer work and keep myself occupied. I would also have tried to get a job to have valuable experience on my resume.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not get pregnant! I was unable to go to college because I was pregnant at 17 with twins. Unfortunately, they were stillborn. I walked across the stage with many honorary cords around my neck, yet I was 5 months pregnant. When the opportunity was presented to me to go to college after the death of my twins, I was too afraid to go. I would tell myself, be brave and don't allow fear to hinder your future. As an adult, I am enrolled in college while taking care of my two children doing what I should have done at 18. Sometimes we have to take a longer journey, but that makes the victory of success even sweeter.


I wouldn't so much give advice as just a general statement. "I did the best I could to get into school. Hopefully I won't have to drop out soon due to lack of funds. I'm sorry."


I suggest to make sure everything is understood about colleges, from transfering to attending. I also suggest looking for scholarships for the slightest chance that a college is looked at.


I would definitely tell myself to try harder. If I would have done better in high school, I wouldn't have been forced to stay at a community college to raise my GPA so I could actually go to the univesity I want to go to. I had to stay home for two years, raising my GPA, so I could actually get accepted into a better University. The thing about high school too is that it really is so easy compared to college. If I put the ammount of work (even a little less) that I do into college, I would have no doubt been a straight A student in high school. I would tell my old self to appreciate all the study guides and help/concern from my high school teachers because in college, you're not always going to get that. Most importantly, learn study skills and time management in high school so that college isn't so tough. A simple statement to my high school self? Care a little more, Alexis!


All I can remember is that I could not wait for my senior year. Now, I look back and think where has the time gone. It feels like yesterday I was beginning my first day of high school. If I could go back in time though, I would only change a few events. Instead of taking an AP Math class, I would have Duel Enrolled at Macon State College in math and in literature. This way I would have been guarantied college credit as long as I passed the class instead of taking the bigger risk of taking an AP course. Also, instead of waiting until my senior year, I would have taken the SAT and the ACT twice my junior year and then completed it two more times in my senioir year. I also would tell myself to stay focused and committed; do not get distracted. Also, stay focused on applying for as many scholarships as possible. After all that, I would tell myself to have fun and enjoy my senior year, because you are only a senior once.


Traveling back to my former self, I would advise myself to create a better time management routine for homework, studying, and other personal goals such as reading, research, and establishing my reputation. I would take note of emails and phone numbers for my favourite teachers so I could use them as references and for letters of recommendations. Scheduling my fun, friends, and finance around campus duties, volunteerism, and becoming a key role in a mentor or tutoring position would allow me to be better rounded and involved in campus life. Friends may come and go, but it is essential to know who you are and what you want in life, for that is what unlocks the key to one's happiness.


I would tell myself that life goes on and that even if you don't get what you want, you will get what I need. Your family should come first no matter what. Oh and PLEASE PLEASE do not let anybody get in the way of your dreams, especially boys.


If I could go back to hight school the first think I would tell my self is "Stop applying to other colleges and go to Macon State, it will benefit you in more ways then you believe." I wasted $100's of dollars applying to colleges.


College is gonna be a lot different from High School, and more different than you might image. Some classes will be really easy, and others like Anatomy & Physiology are gonna kick your butt if you don't learn to study properly. When they tell you to read each chapter 3 times or more listen to them and study for that class with any extra time you have or otherwise you will repeat that class and get off track of finishing your degree on time. You're gonna have a tough time with Microbiology was well, but follow the same study habits as with Anatomy & Physiology. Aside from this, enjoy college and make the most of it.


I would tell myself that even though I can succeed with little or no effort, that all that's needed for me to excell and be on top is to actually put more effort into my school career. Also to know that I won't agree with everything my teachers teach, but that's okay because colleges want great thinkers and people who think outside the box and against the grain. No one's judging. Agree to disagree and stay true to self.


Congratulations on reaching the first step of your future, graduating from High School. College is the next step for many graduates and I believe it is important to understand the importance of furthering your education. Some people may begin their college journey at a 2 year community college to get the core required classes out of the way to then focus on their degree. A community college is a great way to save money. The core classes that are required for just about all degrees can be taken through the community college while saving money and making sure you want to persue into a 4 year College/ University. One thing I would recommend now that I have experienced this first hand, is to make sure you have some direction when choosing your classes. I have recieved my Associates Degree and still need a few core classes to continue my education. Keep up with your studies and put your education before your free time. One of my biggest mistakes was not keeping my school work first at the beginning of my journey and am paying for that now as my GPA isn't where i'd like it to be.



Continue to strive for the best education.


My single greatest piece advice to this younger self would be to begin practicing self-discipline. Make more of an effort to get your work done and study all of those things that seemed "pointless" and "useless". Turn off the video games for a moment and truly understand the text you're reading. Nurture your curiosity, so learning is not as much a chore as it is a chance to learn more, grow more. Fill yourself with knowledge and become a better man for the future. Exercise some foresight and see how everything you were learning would soon be of value. Don't squander the time you have been given and fill yourself with regrets "of what you should have been done" or "could have been done". Forget the frivolous and take each class seriously. So you don't end up like me...


College has had a great impact on me. When I first started taking classes in the summer of 2009, I was majoring in pre-med. Then, in the spring of 2010, I was helping one of my friends with her math homework because she did not understand any of it. She suggested to me that I should become a math teacher because I was so good at explaining these things. At the same time, I'd also been struggling through my chemistry class and hating all my science classes. I was also taking Calculus II. It was through my experience at this college that I realized my true passion in life was not curing sick children, but preparing them for their future and providing them with understanding in a subject that is challenging to many. I am still technically in high school, but attend full time at college. Attending college now has allowed me to discover what I truly want to do for the rest of my life, and I have come to this discovery before I've even graduated high school. I'm so happy that I will be getting my Associates degree and diploma together in the spring.


My College experience has provided me with a broader and more accepting view of the world and its diverse population. I have learned and seen first hand that it is impossible to judge a person just by looking at them. That the best way to determine what a person is like it to interact with them, learn what they believe, and what leads them to believe the way they do.


I have only been in college since Fall of 2010, but so far I have gleaned many a valuable lesson. I have learned that college isn't the same as high school, I can't just expect to have my education handed to me. My parents are not paying for my schooling and this has taught me to rely on myself to make my own future. This lesson has been empowering and inspirational and I'm very glad to have been given the chance by Macon State College to understand and embrace my own personal power. I cannot wait to see what the next few years hold.


My college experience so far has been amazing. I have built some amazing relationships with students and the staff. It has taught me resposibilities that I never imagine; such as better time management. I have learned to be an adult but still to enjoy being my age just without the immaturity that some students my age may have. I have also learned so much in my classes and from my professors. I am so thankful I chose to attend college it was the best decision for me.


My college experience has been very eye-opening. I've learned that studying really does help, and I've learned how much money it really costs to be able to go to a great university. The friends I've made have taught me a lot of new things and it's amazing to understand others' ways of looking at the world and the things that go on around them. Going to college has ultimately made me a stronger person and has pushed me in a direction that's right for me. I've developed my own opinions and I'm excited to continue my education and experience more new things.


What i have gotten out of my college experience has been a lot. I have learned that education is the most important thing in life one can have. I understand why now so many people fought for educational rights. I love my learnings from Macon State College. Being here has taught me so much. Macon State has Taught me that i can and will succeed in life. The course work is very understandable and the proffesors make it very interesting and exciting. Once i graduate as an undergraduate, i intend on coming back to Macon State for thier graudate program. All the things i have learned here at this college will take ma a long way in life, far beyond the class room. This has been cuch a good college, i have encouraged others to attend. Overall this is a very good school and thank everyone who help make this college successful.


I began attending Macon State College after I had my daughter. I've learned that with great support anything is possible. Since chosing to attend this college I have had a happier life. My institutional GPA is a 3.49. I have wonderful instructors who try their hardest to meet your needs while making sure you learn what they're teaching. They're also very active in future advancement, whether thats career, educational, or both. I've done lots of volunteer work and leadership work with a campus organization. I've learned that I can do much more than I thought possible. I'm more focused. I know now that the sky's the limit. I plan on using all that I've learn to enroll in a MBA program and advance in my career.


I finish high school in 1978. So with me going back to school now has been a overwhelming experience, but a good one. I had to learn how to deal with younger students, very playful and loud students. But I am managing it. I have great teachers. I have a 4.00 GPA, so my school has taught me a new career. At our school Francis Tuttle we have both High School Students and Adult Students, which make it better for us to co exist. At school and home. I am very Thankful To God for this oppunity to go back to school.


I've gotten a broader outlook.


I have achieved a higher sense of purpose attending college. Before going to college I felt like I did not have a solid direction to travel in. Now I am working on my Master's degree with a desire to get my PhD.


My first time attending college was the fall after my high school graduation. I didn't take school as serious as I should have. At the time being a "B" average student was good enough for me. After 3 semesters I found myself bored with school and decided to take some time off. Now that I have returned to college after taking a few years off I realize just how important my education is. I am an "A" student now with a 4.0 GPA. I care about my schoolwork and view it as a representation of myself. My academic achievements have helped me to become more confident. I also have better self-esteem these days. I have a great appreciation for the hard work that my Professors do. Perhaps one day I will be a teacher myself.


Since I've been at Macon State College my self-esteem has increased more since anytime in my life. I have learned that I can achieve goals past my greatest expectations. These goals I am writing about are mainly about mathematics. I have learned how good it feels to learn things I used to think was beyond my capacity. As a result of my successes and the endless efforts of tutors and professors at the school, I have learned the value of my volunteering to help children that are experiencing the same thoughts of hopelessness and lack of ability to learn. I have decided to dedicate my life to the service of children. Whether it be in a home for the orphans or traveling to a less fortunate nation. I want to be involved in advancing the human condition and circumstance.


When I graduated 12 years ago, I was completely unprepared for the commitment required for successful completion of college-level courses. Class attendance is required, but it is not enough to ensure success. You have to get to know your advisors, your department dean, and, maybe most importantly, the secretaries who act as go-betweens with those in positions to assist you. If you are given set requirements to complete in order to receive the information you require, do everything you are asked. Most of the departments on campus seem to open doors readily to any who successfully complete these requirements, regardless of the quality of the information you actually provide.


If I could go back in time and give myself advice about college, I would notify myself on how hard English 1101 is and that the professors are going to treat me as an adult. English 1101 is a coarse of essays. In high school, we rarely wrote essays unless we were preparing for a standardized test. In college classes, essays are second nature. My English professor, Dr. Nancy Bunker, was hard at first but she made me realize that writing essays should not be something that i dread doing and that the writing should come natural. Also, there is no more teachers trying to force you to do the work that they assign to you. In high school, the teachers stressed to us that we had to do the work. In college, the professors do not tell you more than once to do what they assign to you. It is your grade that is at stake, not theirs. So from that aspect, college is completely harder because I have to force myself to do the work or fail my classes.


If I had the chance to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would take it in a heartbeat. Knowing now that college is a lot more laid back becuase the people who are there actually want to be there, I would tell myself to focus on my schoolwork and grades. College is also quite expensive, and because of my actions in high school I am currently paying for it out of pocket. I would be sure to relay that information to my high school self, stressing that grades are more important in the long run than I thought back then. Just hold out now, and you will not regret it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior. I would tell myself about challenges of switching to college such as the workload, and I also would give him some tips on saving money on books ,it really helped me out my two semesters of college, I would also tell myself about some of the workshops that help entering college freshman make the transition to college life.


I would have made myself take Advanced Placement classes as well as enroll in the Accell program the first semester like I did the second semester of high school. I would highly recomend to myself to apply for scholorships because there is no way I/you will qualify for the Pell Grant, dad makes too much money.


I would tell myself to remember the reason you are going to school. When I attended my first year of college many years ago at a larger university, I let myself get wrapped up in the fast paced social scene and lost focus of the real reason I was at school. After receiving some very bad grades I decided to quit school and join the work force. After years in the work force I realized that the biggest mistake I ever made was quitting school, and came back. Now I am attending a smaller college, but I am much more mature then I was originally. I also now have a plan for what I am doing, and know how to manage my time between work, school, and social life much better. I would let myself know that completing a college education at times might not be as fun as socializing, but it is a far more rewarding experience in the end.


I would tell myself to not be afraid of change. I would choose a college that not only suited my future career, but my personal life. Also, listen to others that are around you. Not to mention, it is important to focus on your studies; however; do not dedicate your whole time to them. Be able to have some free time when neccessary.


In your first year, apply full time but only take a couple of difficult classes to start with. Take too many and you'll find yourself with a low gpa which makes it difficult to transfer while all your friends are leaving to find bigger and better things. Not to mention your parents dont have the money unless you get hope, which u didn't get, so stay strong and the second year won't be spend digging yourself out of a hole. Friends are important but your future comes first... don't lose sight of that.


If I was able to go back into the future and tell myself advice I wou,ld most likely made sure that I tell myself to study harder and apply for more scholarships so that I did not have to worry about paying my tuition. I would also wish to tell myself to looking into my future better and see what it is that I really wanted to become so that I had a better mind set of what I wanted for a career.

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