Madison Area Technical College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The classes are small enough to provide a hospitable environment for engaging discussion if the professor allows it. In theory, the small class sizes also suggests accessible teachers which is true most of the time.


I believe that the professors that I had were really good at what they taught and that I learned a lot and in a very prepared manner. As an adult student, the classes were held in a professional manner and gave out a plethora of knowledge as well as encouragement to excel.


I love the course selection and the small class sizes. As a liberal arts transfer kid, I'm not limited on my selection of interesting courses that satisfy my academic needs.The biggest class I've had was around 40 people-- not one over worked TA in sight. To a degree, I know/like the professors and they know/like me and other students. So far, the professors I've had have ranged from 'only ok' (just one) to 'great' (quite a few of them)--and I'm only on my second semester.


The small classes, it enables the student/s to interact with the teachers.


The best thing about this school is how willing the conscelours are to get you on the right track when you yourself don't know what to do. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful. If you need information about any program they have it on hand, ready when you need it.


The fact that MATC is so diverse. It is a great thing to have in a school. It's wonderful that they accept so many students. Everyone deserves a opportunity for seconday schooling!