Madison Media Institute Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


MMI is a highly supportive school, not just the teachers but also the students. The teachers will help you, as long as you want to be helped. The students are the same, you ask any one of them for help and the chances are they will. MMI is like a close knit family, if you are having trouble the teachers will want to know about it so that they may help you with your school work. Same with other students, they will help you in times of needs. MMI is not just another school, we are a family.


The instructors, they all have real life experience in what they teach, stories from the road, it's an Entertainment/Media Business degree that I'm going for and these people have lived the life and been there, they know what they're talking about.


The grading system at my school is diverse, and this is by far the best aspect of the education experience at the school. Madison Media Institute's grading system reflects the amount of work and effort you put into a project, and it rewards hard work. The instructors take into account the fact that all of the attending students are still learning to do their work properly, and there is no expectation of perfection. The expectation is simply one of improvement. There is an emphasis on rewarding that improvement. There is no punishment for lack of effort, just no reward.