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One thing that is unique about my school compared to others that I have considered is affordable tuition for students on a budget, which has been beneficial for me in this challenging economy. Also, the small classroom size that Madisonville Community College offers has helped me achieve academic excellence, and has helped me to have amazing student/teacher relationship with my professors. The convenience of attending a community college has allowed me to live at home, be a full-time student, and still be able to work full-time.

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I have attended 4-year colleges as well as Madisonville Community College. I have done the best at Madisonville because it has not "forced" me towards a certain career path and allows me to get my basics under control before I have to put in any real serious dedication to a certain type of major. The school has some amazing teachers that take extra time to make sure you understand the class you are taking. That is a very unique and rare thing in some colleges.

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