Maine College of Art Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are creative problem solvers as well as creative thinkers and consider school at Maine College of Art a place to enhanace and learn about life as an artist, not just art as a career.


My classmates here are all very open, respectful, and helpful people whom are very easy to live with in this small school.


My clasmates are very helpful, social and we all work together.


It's important to remember that the jump from high school to college is a huge one, and that everyone you encounter is just as nervous, frightened and excited as you are. Remember to forgive them and yourself. Also, you tend to encounter a lot more diversity and culture than you may have in High School, so keep an open mind. They're weird. You're weird. Get over it.


My classmates are generally friendly but also very constructive in helping all of us become better artists by sharing ideas and critiquing each other's work.


My classmates are crazy.


My classmates are the weirdest, most understanding, chill, and artistic group of kids I have ever met in my entire life!