Maine College of Art Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Everything is going to be okay so stick to your gut and choose the school you know you are going to be happy at. Remember that you can't progress unless you challenge yourself, and not just academically. Challenge yourself in all areas both right now and tomorrow. Everyone's always telling us to choose the safest path but what's the point of life if we didn't let it change us through it's challenges? You may be pressured by your parents to pursue the more profitable talent, or to go to the school that's most affordable, but It's not about your parents. It's about you and how you are going to choose to live in that moment. So do what your are passionate in and relax! Once you get there, everyone is in the same boat as you and you're all there for the same reason. Now choose friends who will support your art making and good habits and just be happy. You get out of life what you put into it and it's the same with your artistic career. Your career is part of your life, might as well enjoy it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself two things. First of all, I would tell myself to take better advantage of the resources that were available to me. I found myself just gliding through things without full effort. If I had fully emersed myself into my work, specifically in my advanced art class, I would have been able to handle some of the academic challenges that I face in college. While I am not the worst at drawing, I could have easily prepared for the class better by focusing on it a little more in high school. The second thing I would tell myself is that nothing is set in stone; it's okay to change my mind and try new things. All throughout high school I had my mind set that I was going to art college and I was going to focus only on photography and that was it. However, instead of taking photography my first semester, I took a graphic design introduction class and fell in love with it. I can still do photography for sure, but it is okay to experiment.


Looking back in time at myself, I need to tell myself to buckle down, don't slack as much as I did. I know I could have done so much better if I wasnt focusing on everything else around me. Figure out my dreams and figure out extactly what I want to do for college sooner, have a better game plan. I need to tell myself that everything is going to be okay, it just takes some time. Take a deep breath and relax. Don't let all the negative comments and people get to you. I let others bring you down, stand up for yourself, you're a strong minded person and I know you can do anything. Focus, do all the class you have to and do all the extras that you want as well. You've got a bright future ahead of you, you just don't know it yet. Good luck, you can do this. Focus and try hard and you will make it I promise.


I did not come to college with the expectation of achieving the amount I have thus far this early in my educational career. I have clearly and strictly been taught skills and techniques I can use to develop my skill set with a certain material as well as a skill set I can use in life as a student and beyond. I have been pushed, pulled and, worn down to the breaking point many times while I have been working at school but not without great satisfaction and reward that comes from the accomplishment of rising back up and taking on the challenge. It is important for me to attend school to further my education, not only because I would be the first in my family to attend, but for my own personal gain, and willingness to advance in the world. I know I would not have been given the opportunities and responsibilities I have been given as an adult if I did not choose this path in life. I have made connections that made a positive impact on my life and I feel I can rely on as I carry on with a new cofidence I have been given.


Gaining the ability to think for myself, to recognize outstanding ideas, and to turn my ideas into successes for student team members, co-workers, and myself, has defined my college experience as invaluable. These abilities will make me successful in all of my endeavors during college and beyond. Without the pushing, prodding and pulling of my professors, with whom I have fostered positive relationships, I would not have been able to gain the required skills to relate to others necessary for life in today’s high paced, dynamic world. Arriving at college my first semester I lacked the confidence and experience to know which of my ideas would be most successful. Through captivating lectures and powerful discussions, I learned to turn criticism into an opportunity for growth into an openness that has allowed me to develop ideas that are well formed and irrefutably defended. Being able to clearly articulate ideas will help with all of my relationships: other students, potential employers, co-workers, clients, and family. Strong mentor relationships with professors, determination and dedication to my studies has given me valuable skills that will continue to be useful in my accomplishments as I pursue lifelong learning and a rewarding career.


Art school is very different from other colleges and universities. You need to try as many different mediums and products as you can inorder to expand your knowledge when creating art. Practice writing along with reaseaching artists that you like. The more you write and look at other art the easier it will be to write about your own work when it comes time to write your thesis senior year. Read everybook and article you are assigned as well as being opened with your professors if you are unable to complete readings. Have a strong self esteem and self motivation. Self motivation is key because the more you read and look at art the clearer it will become when you think about why you like to make art. One of the biggest things you do not want to do is be closed minded. Do not pick a class because it is not in your medium. Take a drawing class if you're in ceramics. You willbe surprised how much clearer your ideas will be when taking classes outside of what you do best.


The advice I would give to myself is don't be afraid of taking chances or risks. Life is full of chances and oppurtunities and you'll never know what they are unless you spread your wings and fly to new places and conquer your dreams. Life is what you make of it; go for it.


I would tell myself that I should go to college for a profession that intrests me and that I will enjoy for the rest of my life. College is a great way to improve ones knolledge and skills that will allow me to have confidence and education to help me to grow for my future. I would tell myself that even though college might be the last thing on my mind presently, that I will be much more ahead for the career and goals I have currently set for myself and will be happy that I followed my gut feelings. I would also remind myself that gaining knowledge now will help my chances in the future when trying to obtain a job and that if I finsh school now I will be much further ahead as far as knowledge is concerned and will have the opportunity to gain more degree's in the career choice I have made which will give me that much more opportunities to be in a higher position and be more financially sound. Education is very important in every asspect of life and a person can achieve so much more with a college degree.


Knowing what I know now I would go back to myself as a high school senior and say "save your money". I would tell myself to look for scholarships and stop procrastinating. Being a senior in college I have learned through the years that money isn't just always going to be there. Unexpected expensis will pop up and you will have to pay for them on your own. Even though you are in school still you are an adult and you have to take responsibility for yourself. I would also tell myself to chill out. Slow down and enjoy college. I am a bit of a work-a-holic and tend to get caught up in my work. I have found myself missing out on some parts of college that I can now never get back.


Going back to my senior year I was worried about what it would be like being away from home and how i would make friends. Since I have been at college I have had the oppourtunity to make many new friends with friendships even stronger than the ones I had had back home. I would have to let myself know that the first few weeks of being on my own is diffucult but when you get involved everything turns out to be great fun. College isn't all parties, and it isn't all work, there is that ballance between you time, friend time and school work that i was not able to control in highschool. Going back and telling myself what college is like i'd have to say it is definately an experience i have to go through with and not back away from. attending college is nesecary to my life and will help me find who i am, and even if i'm afraid to go, it's okay because i will make friends who will help me overcome any fears i have.


Chin up, Tim. You're frustrated now because you do not know the next step, and you'll be frustrated later because you do not know the next step. As long as you remember that the mind is a terrible thing to waste and your education is the key to your freedom, you will be better off than you were before. You will always have more questions than answers, but you will come across an abundance of individuals that will challenge and inpsire you to continue to question. What will be left are the fine details, such as how you are going to pay for college. Don't worry about that to much either though, because you will learn, somehow, you will make a change, and you will find the freedom you are looking for.


If I had the ability to talk to myself as a high school senior I would have lots of advice for the future. To start I would inform myself that I had a lot of work ahead of me and to be prepared. The second, and maybe the most important advice to succeed as a college student is to not worry so much. The amount of worrying I did as a freshman in college taught me to learn how to manage my time better so that the stress wouldn't destroy me. The last thing I would tell my high school self to do is to simply have fun and do what I love to the best of my abilities.


Art school is NOT what you expect it to be. High school is a cake walk in comparison, so be prepared to have almost no free time. I know leaving home is really scary, but it's okay 'cause everyone's scared. Now that I'm here being home feels strange because I am so used to having a ton of freedom. So forgive yourself of your mistakes, you're coming here with a clean slate. Forget boys, there are almost none here, and the ones that are aren't worth your time. Remember that it's okay to call home any time you want but don't get too crazy. You are setting yourself up for real life. Be who you are and don't worry what anyone thinks of it, because the people who are worth your time are just as strange and awkward as you are, and in the end will thank you for being yourself because it helped them be themselves aswell.


If I could go back to my high school self and give myself advice, I would remind myself that having a roommate that I've never met before is not the end of the world, and that we'd actually get along just fine and she is not going to eat my food when I am not in the room. I would also have told myself to invest myself a little more into my artwork because I am going to get out of the projects exactly what I put into them, even if sometimes the assignments don't always interest me right away. Furthermore, I'd have told myself that having friends is important, but so is building my portfolio. And I definitely would have told myself not to go boy-crazy, because man that's a killer and they totally weren't worth the trouble anyway. Love is important but it's not going to pay off my student loans. I guess the essence of what I mean to say is: all I need is a balance between all the things that are important to me, after that everything else falls into place.


Don't worry so much, everything will work itself out in the end. Honestly, you're making a big fuss over nothing. Sure its scarier being 300miles from home, but really you won't be as alone as you think. Take everything in stride and things will work out. Everything happens for a reason, and on those days you think you just can't take it anymore and want to quit, take a step back and breathe, you'll be fine. I know that it seems like alot of money to spend for school, but that is why its worth it! Its your education, and if you're serious about becoming an Illustrator then this is the step in the right direction.


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I could tell myself to take advantage of every oppertunity that was given to me. The more people you meet and get to know, the more contacts and resources you have. As an artist, it is important that you get your work and your name out there so that you can become successful at whatever you want to accomplish. I would tell myself to attend more local art shows to see what other artists are doing and creating so that I could have role models and inspiration.


first i would tell my self to take out those piercings and put some normal clothse on. to open my mind up to new and different people and be kinder to those that disigree with you. the world of high school is small and insignificant. who you are and what you think of your self couldnt be further from the truth. creating and making art weather you know it or not has helped you through all the tough times in your life and punctuated all of the greate moments to. art will be the first pursuit that teaches the pride and value of hard work. it will help connect you to others and connect with you self. dont fear the judgment of others. and that there is streangth and courage in embracing your vulnerabities.


Don't hold yourself to any pre-conceived perceptions, because you'll be disappointed if you think college is like it is in those lame comedy films. Do not give a crap about what anybody thinks, talk to people, don't be a phantom in the corner because you'll be miserable. Get off the computer, and hang out with people, accept their offers, put yourself out into the world instead of being such a disgruntled recluse. Also, apply for a work-study job AS SOON as you start school before they fill up like the Titanic with water. Spend more time at school, and not jump ship for the transit back to your town as soon as classes were over. Open up your eyes, and realize that you're not the center of the universe, the world is yours, don't shrug it off because you were too nervous to start a conversation and suffer in silence.


I woul tell my self, that I am right in the decision to post pon going back to school for a number of years. That this decision will give me lots of experience in different area's, the ability to travel and see things I most likely would not get a chance to. That you/I will be better off for it and our work will be better for it also. There is really no advice that I would give my former self on the how to's and what not to do's of college life, as I think that it would spoil the experience. The only thing I would really want to tell my self is that, every thing is going to work out and dont worry about the small things. They just make you stronger.