Manchester University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A small, close knit community with people trying to succeed and helping others succeed with them.


Manchester College is a small, friendly, easy-going school with high academic expectations in a community that you immediately feel a part of.


Manchester is a tight knit community, and a fun place to be with friends, that is academically focused and culturally diverse.


The small college atmosphere where all your professors know your name is a great learning environment.


Make sure you find activities to keep yourself busy on the weekends.


Manchester College is a great place to discover yourself, make friends, and become the professional you want to be.


My school is a place where I have the opportunity to be a leader, network with my professors, expericience different cultures and study abroad.


Manchester is the college where I can grow into what I want to be tomorrow.


Manchester is extremely small and even though its gets annoying that there is not always a lot to do, the faculty and students are so well rounded and helpful that it makes it worth a few uneventful weekends.


Manchseter College is friendly, diverse place where there is plenty of room to grow into the adult you want to be.


I am practical and like to have real world reffences to what I learn; I also find that there is more to be learned than just what is taught in the classroom.


Quality, well rounded education.


Manchester College is a place where students are able to get a high quality education, with small classes, one on one attention with their professors, and academic help from a Success Center.

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