Manchester University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates here at Manchester University are equally diverse. There are multiple people from different countries and ethnic backgrounds, but everyone treats each other the same. We are all here to learn and grow in the knowledge of what we are studying.


My classmates are extremely intelligent and very motivated.


they are great students. They understand how other people are and want to know them more and work to be the best friend they can be.


Small and diverse.


A lot of people stereotype Manchester's student body as being extremely Gay. While there is certainly an active GLBT group on campus, there aren't that many gay students. Most of the student body is white, and I've heard from some of the African American students that they feel out of place. Most students are from small towns in Indiana and are perfectly fine graduating and moving back there. Although students are stereotyped as being liberal, many of them have no idea about politics or current affairs.


My classmates are some of my new best friends. They are not only a name on an attendance list, but people I expect to gain new friendships with that shall last throughout a lifetime.


My classmates are very friendly and very into what they are doing.


My classmates are very diverse and interested in learning; they work hard and are always willing to help you understand.


Most were people I adored, especially in the Communication Studies department; I miss them dearly now that I have graduated, and I truly wish I could have the conversations with them that I did on a regular basis again.




very smart and fun to hangout with


Funny-loving people who are dedicated to changing the world, while they learn all that is possible to help them succeed.


My classmates have always been helpful, encouraging, and engages in whatever subject we are taking.


My classmates are hilariously enlightening.

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