Manchester University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I don't think that I have any negative comments about my school. verything is graeat and it provides me with a lot of help and opportuities that I need to excel and be prepared for life after college.


The worst thing about manchester is that our breaks don't line up with other colleges breaks. My christmas break started later and lasted longer then most other schools.


The thing that's the worst is the no alcohol policy. Manchester is a dry campus, so no one, even those who are old enough to drink, are allowed to have alcohol on campus, and get a hefty fine and community service. It causes a lot of underage drinking at houses, and a lot of drunk driving from those trying to get back to campus.


I think the worst thing about Manchester College is the lack of student support in athletics. There is always a very small student section at all of the sporting events. I am a cheerleader here, and I get very discouraged when it seems like none of the students really want to come out and support each other. However, the teams are all very close, and they have pretty decent records. Everyone is supportive of the teams, but if one is expecting a huge turnout of fans, they will not find it at Manchester College.


The only bad thing I can think of about attending Manchester would be the location. It is in a very small town and you have to drive about a half hour to get to a bigger town with more ammenities. Most of the basic thing you need are right in town, but it would also be nice to have a Walmart or Meijer so you could get everything in one place.


I do not like the feeling I get about the Administration at my school. It feel to me that they are mostely interested in money and making the school look better for prospective students rather than taking care of the students that are currenly here.


The losing financial aid when living off-campus or other situations.

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