Manchester University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Manchester University is very receptive of all types of people.


Anyone would fit well in this school. The enviornment is so positive and accepting.


People who like a small school and small town. People who do not have a problem with seeing the same people on a nearly daily basis. People who like a small class size and personalized attention from the professors.


I believe that extremely dedicated individuals who are serious about their future careers should definitely attend this school. The motto here is that Manchester College graduates students with ability and conviction. If one wants a college where the professors are extremely personable and helpful, Manchester College is perfect. All of my professors have really taken time to get to know me personally. Also, all of the students and the rest of the staff and administration are extremely friendly and helpful. If one wants to feel like they fit and belong while really challenging themselves, I would greatly recommend Manchester College.


Someone who is looking for a school that will challenge them accademically and personally. Someone who is academically focused and can make their own fun.


A person who is goal oriented and doesn't want to slack off and spend more time socializing than studying. A person who likes engaging with others and sharing their thoughts and opinions, while being respectful of others as well.


Someone who is open minded and willing to listen to new ideas.


Someone that would like a smalltown, small college experience. One where you get to know everyone easily and professors can call you by name.


Someone who likes small town environments. Liberal, hippies, and academically focused individuals.


A person who likes small towns, small classes, and friendly dormitories.

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