Manchester University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I cannot think of anyone that should not attend Manchester University.


The type of people who shouldn't come to this school are people who don't care about their education. People who want to party or only got in because of a sports scholarship should considering going somewhere else. The school does a really good job at keeping the students on track and if you don't want to succeed, you are just going to waste the schools time.


I think Manchester College is a campus for students who like the at- home, small town feeling. Manchester is a close- knit family type of campus. Students who like meeting new people every day, partying, and being surrounded by strangers should not attend Manchester College. Students with low motivation, GPAs, and ambition should not attend this school. Manchester does not accept students who do not care about their future, about their grades, about helping others. If you want to blend in to the crowd, Manchester is the not the school for you.


A person that does not care about being late to class, because those teachers will call or text you and ask you why you werent present in their class on that day.


Manchester College allows all persons to attend the college as long as the individual meets the requirements. The kind of person who wouldn't fit at Manchester would be one who slacks on their work and doesn't try. One shouldn't attend Manchester if they are looking for the easy way out or if they are unable to finance the education. At Manchester, you have to be willing to put forth the effort and have fun while doing the work.


Someone who is used to a lot of action and lots of activities going on in and around town; and also people who love big cities should not attend Manchester College.


I think a person who is used to the city fast-paced life would not enjoy Manchester College, but that's not to say we haven't had many students from New York City and Chicago who have came, graduated, and become sucessful because of Manchester College.


A closed minded, person who isnt accepting of other faiths, sexual orientation and political views.


Someone who wants to go to a big school and likes the ability to get lost in a crowd of faces should not come here. The professors know their students and truly care about them, so it is hard to hide.

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