Manchester University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to be overly prepared for whatever obstacles life may bring. I would also make sure to tell myself that I should not worry about every little thing and that I should try my best in everything I do. College is not as stressful as I planned it out to be. I will let myself know that as long as you stay on top of everything that there is nothing to worry about. College is a new experience. Its a chance to start over and recreate yourself. College is not just for learning at the moment but it is use for learning and teaching others after you graduate and share the experience with others. Most of all I would let myself know that it is fine to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.


During the year keep your mind on getting into Harvard after undergrad. Do not give up. There will be long hours of applying for scholarships, but it will pay off. You should visit all of the schools that accept you and determine which one fits you the best. The financial aid package each college gives you needs to be scrutinized over and over again. Loans are not good at all so try and eliminate as much money as you can with scholarships. When you finally decide to go away don't forget your friends back at home because they will be a good source for comfort when you are feeling lonely or just need people to talk to that know you better. You will be nervous the first time attending your classes, but the only difference is the advanced work involved. Living on the third floor of a dorm can be fun because for the haunted house your floor is the scariest. The clubs you get involved as a first year get you noticed by others for the future. The key is to study multiple hours for each course. You will be on the road to success.


If I was in high school, and knowing what I know now, I would tell myself to always work hard to get what I wanted. I would study harder than what was asked of myself and to persevere. I don't think we realize in high school how important the studying was, until we are in college and then realize why the teachers asked so much of us. I would tell myself that entering college and moving away from home would be a little stressful at first, but to get involved with activities, meet new friends and have fun.


I would tell myself to be prepared to ask many questions. Be alert and always complete homework on time and thouroughly. Ask for writing tips and attend study tables. Be aware of all the fine print in the syllabus.


One thing I would tell myself as a senior would be to be confident. When it came to school and sports I wasn't always the most confident person out there. But knowing what I know now you have to be confident in order to be as successful as you can be. And when you are confident in yourself you feel a lot better about yourself and take pride in everything that you do. I would also tell myself to make sure to get involved in as many clubs and activities as possible. You only go to college once and you want to meet as many people as you can. Getting to know different people from different backgrounds is so interesting and fun, but you also get to meet some great people.


Never look back and always look to the future. You have the tools to be something great in life. Just make sure you, stay the course work hard, and always remember where you came from.


My advice to myself would be stop procrastinating. Procrastinating and skimming through a chapter right before class won't work anymore. You have to actually study and stop playing video games. Also, relying on your friends to help you out needs to stop as well. In college you have to be a big boy and learn to man up and admit when you don't understand something. Go to the professor, the learning center, or get a tutor. Don't sit there and beat yourself up and keep your self from being the best you can be. College isn't high school.


Miranda, don't be soo scared. Don't be scared about leaving all of your friends and family and everything you've ever known. You are going to meet people who will change your life in ways you won't believe. You are going to befriend people who you will be friends with for the rest of your life. The things you learn will be greater than facts from a textbook. This might not be your first choice but you will soon find out that this was the right choice and you won't understand how it couldn't have been your first choice. Don't worry about not knowing what you want to do, your professors will help you figure that out along the way. The community there will be a family that you will never forget. So stop being soo scared and get ready to enjoy the best years of your life.


I would tell myself to take every class seriously, and to take making friends and keeping friends even more seriously. Starting college is a scary process, but with friends who are going through to same thing, it makes it so much easier. I would also tell myself to talk to older students and to get advice from them. It's definitely a different world, but it's also a very fun world and a chance to make new friends and to make a new start. You can be anyone you want to be, and your past doesn't have to follow you unless you want it to. After all of this, I would tell myself that the most important thing to do is to have fun. College may only end up being the four years ahead of you, so make the most of out it and the best memories will be made while you're having fun, with the new friends that you have made.


I would tell myself to roll with the punches. College is about learning who you are and what you want to do because more than likely if you think you already know what you want to do for sure, you are COMPLETLEY wrong. Yes going to classes and your grades are important but while in college you will learn so many life lessons that have nothing to do with your academics, which are just as important. I would also tell myself that nothing is impossible, that if the opportunity is present then you should snatch it up quickly. There may also be some road blocks but there is not only one way to get where you want to be, just find a detour that works and take it. College is an amazing experience, embrace it.


As a high school senior, I was completely unsure of what my future held career-wise. I came into college with as an "Undecided" major. As I look back, I wish that I had explored my interests more. I have always been interested in health-related topics and medicine. If I would have realized in high school that I wanted to pursue a health career, I would have made my freshman year of college much less stressful because I took a plethera of classes trying to figure out my major. I would tell my high school senior self to job shadow medical professionals and take more health-related classes.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that college is not as easy as high school. Be prepared to work much harder than you did in high school. There will be a lot less drama than high school, but that doesn't mean the stress of fitting in will go away. College is a chance to explore who you really are, so don't let anyone take that experience away from you. Get to know people, get to know you. Live life to the fullest and do not be shy. People who are your true friends will love and accept you for who you really are. College will be an experience of a life time, so enjoy it, but not to much. Stay focused on your dreams and one day you will get there.


I would relax and not be so worried about the transition. Manchester made it a breeze to enter into college life. Everyone is so accepting and fun, just be yourself!


I have gotten friendship and caring professors out of the college experience so far. Along with being accepted for who I am and not being forced to change who I am.


College has really taught me more about myself than anything. I have discovered a passion for both social and political activism. With this I have also discovered self-confidence which has allowed me to voice my opinions and to stand up for what I believe is right. As I type this I am taking part in a two day hunger strike which ends tonight (11/30/2010) at midnight. About a dozen students on my campus as while as many more at different colleges in Indiana are taking part in this to put pressure on the Senate to pass the Dream Act. I am a minority myself and although I am not Hispanic I really believe that everyone should be given the chance to succeed. Besides my new found passion I have made friends from all over the world because my school has a lot of international students. I love being able to learn about different cultures. College has really helped me discover my full potential and has helped me decide what kind of person I want to be currently and in the future.


Manchester College offers not just a degree, but a life changing experience. It helps build friendships that will last a lifetime and a discoverance of your true self. With the small campus, close-knit faculty and student family, and small community, Manchester College is a choice that will exceed any expectations. For however many years one attends the prestigous university, they will make memories that will last forever. I have not only gained a better education from Manchester, but have realized what I want in life and how to make that happen efficiently and effectively. I have developed relationships with students and faculty that I can count on even in the most personal of situations that I may face. Similar to the school's motto, "I have found my place."


College has been for me a great experience. It has open my eyes to another view of my future. During my two years pursuing an associate degree, i have learned the basics of everything in life and i can say that i have an idea in about everything. College has also helped me take more seriously my education and it has helped me become more responsible of myself. I became more aware of my responsibilities as a student and i became to understand that the need of being successful in the future depends on my hard work only. With all the knowledge that i've acquired while attending college, now more than ever, i would love to pursue a higher degree because i know that it will get me to the level of suuccess that i would like to and that i will reach.


College is about the education gained and the experiences along the way. While most college students are not in sports I feel like being in sports open a plethora of opportunities to the student-athlete. Sports are a way of meeting and forming close family bonds with teammates from the school. Sports also allow athletes to meet people from other schools, expanding ones friend networking capabilities. Sports also allow for opportunities such as starting a winning dynasty or competing in a championship event which most students will never be abel to experience. I have formed close friendships with people from Manchester and as well as from other schools throughout competition. Sports also teach you determination and hard-work which are valuable assets to have when starting a career.


I began school majoring in Accounting Technology. During my time in school I have learned more about myself and what I want. I have decided that when I graduate in May I would like to continue into a Human Resources career. I have become more independent and learned to manage my time better. I have really enjoyed my time a student. I enjoy attending my classes and receiving good grades on assignments. It really proves to me that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I am going to continue next fall with my Associates Degree in Human Resources and I am thrilled.


As a first year student in college I have gained already so much knowledge. What I gained is not just book knowledge but knowledge about life and succeeding. I learned right off the bat that you can not be shy at college. One must be outgoing and ready to work with peers and just have fun. College introduces so many different ways of studying and preparing for tests in the most unique and fun ways. Also you learn so much about your peers in your dorms. Dorm life is a very unique experience and is loaded with lots of fun. I have learned so much from all the ones around me and we have so much fun. Already I feel like the money set forth towards my tutition is already used and used in a great way.


I have gained the chance to network, the opportunity to study abroad and obtain lifelong friends from my college experience. Being able to network with professionals in the career path I am headed in me better understand my options and get into my career more quickly. The opportunity to study out of the country allows me to get a better perspective of how social work facilities work outside of the United States. The one thing I am most proud of is being able to develop what I believe will be lifelong friendships that will serve as a support system throughout my life. It has been a valuable to attend college because it has allowed me to figure where I want to go in life and how to get there. It has also helped me decide what kind of person I want to be in the future.


In 2007, an F4 tornado tore through my home town, destroying my high school. As a result, my fellow classmates and I were moved to the local junior college to attend classes. In the months approaching graduation, I struggled to decide where I would go to school. I did not want to attend our junior college because I had already been there for a year and a half. After much debate, I applied to Enterprise Ozark Community College because I was eligible for a full scholarship. I was not looking forward to starting school there, but as the months passed, I began to really enjoy it. I became involved in numerous activities, including Student Government Association, ESCC Mentors, Phi Theta Kappa, Spirit Club, and Diamond Dolls, and made several, wonderful, new friends. I enjoyed the smaller classes there because I got to know my teachers and classmates better. I believe that I was better educated because I had one-on-one time with my professors. I consider my education very valuable and would not trade my experience for anything. I have grown tremendously as a person and academically.


I will be a freshman in college, so i do not have a not to say about my college experience, but when i went on my first college visit the faculty and staff made me feel very welcome. They were so helpful on any questions that i had or anything i needed help with. Also when i went to sign up for registration day, the staff was very helpful. I think this college is one of the best in the state because they are really concerned with helping their students succeed in which mjor they pursue in college. My college experience is very limited because of course i am just now entering the real world, and i just recently graduted high school in the class of 2010, but i am positive i will succeed at Manchester.


I think my biggest advice to myself would just be to relax and have more fun. I was extremely worried about my transition to college. I know that most kids just want to get out of the house and go off to college, but I was a little more reluctant. I really love my family, and my high school experience was wonderful. Therefore, I was scared to go off on my own and really experience the world around me. I was extremely excited, though, too. I worked very hard in school, and I think that sometimes I forgot to just cherish every minute I had with the people around me. I've learned that college is really quite amazing. I have made some amazing friends, and I have learned so much. I love getting to learn about my upcoming career as a special education teacher! The transition to college is a whole new experience, but as long as you are willing to jump out of your shell and open up to new people and new experiences, it is absolutely amazing! If I were a high school senior now, I would simply tell myself to relax, work hard, and have fun!


to keep a positive attitude and stay focused to acheive my education goals


Seemingly endless weeks of scholarships? No challenge. Visiting various campuses and making the final decision? Piece of cake. Packing, re-packing and cramming everything into the car? A little more difficult but manageable with some planning. Rooming with your best friend? Big mistake. Although it may seem perfect rooming with the best friend, it?s quite the opposite. The first few weeks seem to float by with only a few bumps in the road. Tensions begin to rise over the most minuscule matter, and before I knew it, we were always mad at each other for some reason. I was the more ?social butterfly? and had people popping in to talk or watch movies while she remained silent and studious. The rift grew wider until we were unable to converse without some snide comment being said. Fortunately, we have grown from this experience and the situation is working out better. I wish I could have told myself not to room with my best friend and avoided our clashes. It would have saved many tears and cold words.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to relax and enjoy my senior year. Stressing about college too soon will ruin the end of your senior year and college itself. As for information about college life, I would tell myself to not pack every single piece of clothing, shoes and purses I own. College dorm rooms are not as big as bedrooms at home. I would also tell myself to participate in as many extra-curricular activities that I can. Many activities are flexible and will work with your schedule. Most importantly, I would tell myself to stay on campus as much as possible. Coming home every weekend will make you home-sick and staying on campus is much more fun! College life and making the transition depends on what type of personality one has; you have to be willing to find that out yourself. Although, the best advice I could give myself is to make friends with your roommate and your neighbors; if not, your first year could be very tough.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior, I would tell myself not to stress so much. Through my senior year I stressed about not knowing anyone, I also worried that classes would be harder and I wouldn't be able to pass them. I quiclky learned that I didnt need to worry about either one of those things. Everyone is friendly and it is easy to make friends. In high school I didn't think about everyone else being in the same boat I was. I wasn't the only one going to a new school. Everyone else seemed to be as nervous as I was and we all seemed to be looking for a friend so we knew at least one person. The classes are harder, but coming to a smaller school like Manchester made the transition easier. The classes are small, so the professor sees each student as an individual and not just a number. Professors are also willing to give one-on-one time to help, or they are at least willing to find help for you. I didn't need to stress so much about the transition.


Things are about to change dramatically. You will experience freedom you have never had, and form relatioships that change your life. You will learn some information that tints the way you see the world. I know you don't see it now, but you will lose some of those you love most, but only for a while. Some of your best friends won't understand you. You will be broken more times in a year than you have been in the last 10 years, but just hang on. Find more time to spend with God and keep those you meet in prayer. If you have an idea, run with it!!! Anything is possilbile so dont miss any chances. There will be times that you know you are exactly where you should be, and times that you dont recognize yourself. Just remember that both these experiences are a part of this journey! Though you dont understand some of the events that are soon to transpire, just keep your heart set on serving the Lord and getting to know Him, and above all, please Be the change you want to see in the world, and be willing to live, laugh, and love.


I would say get involved in clubs and campus activities early. Don't wait till you have gotten settled in becuase by that time everyone has already made their friends and some are not interested in making new ones. Getting involved also keeps you from getting stay busy.


If I could go back in time I would advise myself to live on campus during college and apply for more scholarships before college!


I would tell myself not to be afraid to push; to push myself to try new things and meet new people and feel new things. Push myself to become so much more than what I thought I could be. I would tell myself to realize that the greatest friends you can make are the people who take care of you when you are sick and sit and watch classic college movies with you in the dorm. Push yourself to engage your mind and body with every chance you get and never be afraid to take chances. Mistakes are the best thing that will happen to you because they show you that you have to open your eyes to new people and ideas and abandon unnecessary prejudices you once thought justified. Never be afraid to take a leap of faith while pushing yourself and others to be so much more than you anticipated. Lastly, push yourself to meet every new face you see because everyone is the most important person so someone else; you should put forth the effort to find out why. Never stop pushing through hard times and through boundaries because the harder you push, the higher you go.


Make sure you find somewhere that you feel comfortable and safe and feel like you can develop into the adult that you want to be.


I would tell the Parents to look at the financial aspects of the school including the cost and the financial aid given by the school and the government, but also be supportive of the students choice. For the student I would tell him/her to look at the size of the school, the majors offered, and the cost of the school. When taking these into account one should compare them to one's own likes and personality. If you like to have the one on one attention of your proffessors then a smaller school would most likely be a better choice. Look at the majors that the school offers and whether you have options of change between them should you decide that your first choice is not what you want to do. Finally look at the cost of the school and the financial aid that you are eligible for from both the school and the government and talk with your parents about how they would be willing to help. Then make your desicion and enjoy your college career.


Searching for the right college for you may seem hard, but all you really need to know is yourself. I was very confused on how to make the right decision on choosing what college was best for me, but I did it based on what I would like as a social and learning experience. Ask yourself questions such as these: Do I prefer a busy, crowded environment or a small, open environment? Do I want the professors to know me by name or by a number? Do I want more hands on classes in smaller classrooms or more lectures in bigger classrooms? Does the school have an enhancing program for the major I want? Basically, when I was considering what school was right for me, I was undecided based on the size of the school, and how much help I would really receive whether in a large or small classroom. After realizing that I truly am a hands on learner, that I wanted more interactions with professors, and that I wanted an small environment like home, I knew Manchester was right for me. Therefore, ask yourself these questions and make a pro and con list to decide between your choices.


College changes everything, choosing a college based on academics and your desired setting should not summarize the importance. Know what your stepping into! Attend a few classes of different academic fields, focus on your own attitude and the attitude of the other students in the room. Stay the night at the school, really the usual social life for college students begins after 9 or 10p.m. . If your an athlete talk to athletes that play your sport as well as others, you will find athletes who play your sport seem to hype up the academic and athletic programs so take opinions from different sports. Search for an area which you would feel comfortable with, something that brings you happiness or determination to do well in school. Your college experience is what you make it after all though, there are schools offered everywhere giving you a chance to succeed in life. Remind yourself that your decision is infact important; it's not what your parents want you to do nor what your coach wants you to do, but what your willing to do for your future.


Try to find a college that will match your personality, but still gives you that opportunity to expand and change your views. It is important for the school to be able to challage. you both accademically and personally. Through this challage you will be able to find both what you want to do in life but also who you want be.


Remember the advantage of having smaller classes and more one on one attention from professors. While small schools can become overwhelming, they are amazing when it comes to getting a full, well-rounded learning experience.


Check your options. Find out where relatives or other friends went. Have them share their experiences with you. FInd a college that has a program in your field, with a faculty that knows what they're teaching. Know what you're looking for, and if it doesn't work out, there's always the option of transferring to someplace more enjoyable.


Get involved in things happening on campus and get to know your professors.


Take the time to look into and visit a variety of schools in order to select the one that best fits your needs. Once you have selected your school, begin applying for many scholarships. Don't be afraid to talk to the faculty and staff at your school, they are there to help you, there really is no such thing as a stupid question. Lastly, get invilved on campus, whether joining a club or study group or playing sports, it is a great way to meet people. You are there to get an eduction but take the time to let your hair down now and then, it will help you to keep stress levels down.


Just got with the gut feeling on which college/school is the best for you. You are the only one that can choose what is best for you.


I believe that parents and students should start visting colleges their sophomore year. It is important to visit all types and kinds to find the best environment that appeals to the students wants/needs. Make sure to ask students on campus their opinions while on the visits who are not involved with the perspective student program. It is important to get opinions from students that are not in the process of getting you to attend. If the student is an athlete make sure they stay the night with the team and get to know them well to insure that they can get along with their potenial teammates. Be wise and take outside advise, but in the end make the decision based on what is in your best interest and will be most supportive environment for your future success.


Take time to study colleges carefully and don't be afraid to visit colleges. It's important!


I would recommend that they start as early as their freshman year to start looking at colleges and finacial information. It is also very important to stay organized and focused on each college so they do not get them mixed up. It is also nice to talk with students, faculty, alumni, community, and churches to get their perspective on the college. I also recommend that they communicate with their families as to want the student expectations and wants are as well as what their parents expectations and their wants are. In the beginning of my search, I always wanted to go to IU, Perdu, Ball State but as the search progressed I did not see myself as a student at one of these big campuses so I started search smaller and more private colleges and have found the one that works for me. Just hang in there and the dedication and hard work will pay off in the end.


First you need to decide what your major will be. That is the most imprtant part. After that you pick a college that best fits the way you live or want to live. If you prefer to live in a quiet small town do not go to a college in a big city. When it comes to making friends, be very involved in campus activities, but the best place to find great friends (most of the time) are your neighbors in the dorms. The will be your best friends for the rest of your life.


I like money


Students and parents need not only to look at the academic quality of the education at a certain college or university but look into the social aspects also. In order to succeed, a student needs to have the opportunity to broaden their horizons in life. They are able to do this through a diverse amount of social events on campus. A choice to attend a college or university should be based on the acadmics, social interaction, and the amount of help that is given on campus. Ask the advisors what the job rate is for each graduating class. How many graduates enter the work force after graduation?


Ask as many questions as posable. When you are visiting a college or just contacing it, ask every question you can think of to be able to get a good feel for the college. It is also good to have some idea of what you want before you start looking at colleges.


I would say to visit the college. you will never know what college is best for you until you have visited and spent the night.

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