Manhattan College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


This school is an odd mix of kids from all over upstate, Long Island, Jersey, and surrounding states, and of kids from rally far away looking to live in New York City. Also, there's a mix of artsy kids and engineering kids. There's a small LGBT community as far as I know of, and I'd say the school is at least half white and half non-white - it feels like most kids are white, though, in my experience. A student would feel out of place here if they expected a state school with a lot of frats and house parties, and, if they do not value their GPA too much. The academics here require pretty much your full attention. There's a mix of rich kids and kids who have lots of scholarships, but I'd say most people are in the middle. People here can be kind of conservative, but there are also center and left people when you join certain clubs or take certain classes.


My fellow classmates like myself, we are ones who know how to have fun and a focus unwavering goal to succeed.


Passionate and excited students are close to rare.


Most of my classmates are diverse just like the world. Their character and personality comes in different shapes and style. Some of my classmates are shy and kind. In contrast, some are outgoing and talkative. In addition, some are very serious and analytical and have a great sense of humor. Nonetheless, they all have one thing in common-they are all ambitious and diligent and willing to work with each other to reach their desired destination.


My classmates can be described as being remarkably diverse.


Manhattan College students are all bright, dedicated and easy going. Everyone is very friendly and it is easy to get to know people. I came here as a transfer student and was very nervous. By the end of the first day I had met tons of people. Students here also take their school work very seriously. Manhattan College can be challenging but in a good way. This brings out the best in every student


In general they are friendly and will to help you if you are missing any notes or need any help.


Most of my classmates are unfocused and do minimum amount of work required. I don't find myself on their level because I take my school work seriously. Because of this I am transferring to Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Most are 25-30 minutes away from home and just fool around and drink a lot.




They are all well rounded and driven individuals who come to learn so that they might succeed in the future in their career choice.


Less than half of them are diligent, very helpful and great people, but the larger half is just there to get a B and move on with their lives.


Intelligent, inquisitive and ambitious


Classmates are for the most part friendly and eager to learn.


Hard working, optimistic, goal-oriented individuals.