Manhattan College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The best aspect of Manhattan College in my opinion is the location and great opportunities that come from that. Manhattan College is one of the best colleges to receive an education, but the location provides that education with such great opportunities. Secondly, there is a community, family sense feel to the campus as soon as you step foot on it. Every student, worker, or educators are all willing to help one another and make sure that everyone succeeds in the future. Thirdly, students are provided with an array of different activities. There is always something to do or go watch.


Manhattan College is best known for being a catholic private school. It is small and everyone usually knows each other. The most amazing thing about Manhattan College is the fact that your professors know your name. If you ever need help, they have office hours and are more than willing to help you. Manhattan College is simply an easy-loving school.


Lasallian Community where the falculty really care.


Engineering school, business school, strong alumni network, location (city and suburban)


My school is best known for their rigorous engineering program, it has one of the best undergrad programs in the area. The classes are small allowing better interction for the teachers to create a better bond with the students, opposed to a larger university. The school has a very good post graduate program to help students get careers right after graduation, so they're not stuck looking forever to find a job.


Manhattan is best known for having Rudy Guiliani and James Patterson as its alumni.


It's engineering programs. It is also know as the Jaspers because Brother Jasper started the seventh ining stretch in baseball.


Manhattan College is primarily known for its athletics department and the school of engineering.


job placement after graduation; good internships before graduation