Manhattan College Top Questions

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This is tries its best to communicate the students with the career world. It helps the students find internships while in school, as well as part time and full time jobs. Companies continuously visit the campus to recruit students.


great financial aid, lots of oppurtunities


I have never had a class where the professor did not know who I was-and that was very important to me. My classes have always been small(less than 30 people) which I also love, because it is great for class discussion. I actually enjoy going to class, which is a huge change from high school!


Its a mid-sized college that gives extra attention and care to their students. It has great programs and alumni network.


Manhattan College gives great financial aid and scholarships to those who deserve it.


Manhattan is unique to most other shools I researched because the science faculty and admistation really put a priority on teaching the students. There are not Teachers Assistants teaching any level classes and there is always a professional instructing even in the labs.


Perfect location. Close community, all students get along.


The campus reminds me of a small, tight knit community. The classrooms average 30 people per class opposed to the 300 capacity lecture halls. The proximity to New York City is great. The subway is one block from the dorms. The surrounding area is primarily residential. The area is safe and a drug store, grocery store, and a few shops are only blocks away (within walking distance).


Our school offers the ablilty for students to commute easily or chose to stay on campus for the semester. Many students don't live to far from home and are able to go home on weekends if they chose to which i think is a good benefit to have with any college.


to be honest i dont know because i havent been to other school but the only thing that comes to my head is the friends i made in that school.