Manhattan College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


(Keep in mind I am an Arts major and I have no experience in a different setting) My favorite classes have been classes around my major. Class participation is common if you are an arts major, especially in the core classes. The students here are not too competitive and really just want to go to class and get their work done and get a good grade. They don't care much about pitting themselves against each other. The Arts department (I'm most likely going to be an English Major) is okay. The deans can be kind of careless and annoying, and registering can be a pain in the ass for first and second years, because all of the cool, interesting classes are taken up by the juniors and seniors. The English department is close knit and incredible. I've only heard bad things about one professor out of all of them. The professors I've had are so intelligent and educated, talk about interesting topics, can carry a class discussion for a long time, and are more than willing to help you out, especially out of class.


All the professors and staff were very helpful. I feel I got a truly wonderful education there.