Manhattan College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Not many people stay on campus during the weekend, so bring lots of money for avtivitie in the city.


I don't like how most of the students and faculty especially students smoke. I understand it's a personal choice and they are entitled to smoke, but they have to consider second hand smoking. In the long term, other non-smokers including me will be affected by their actions. I think Manhattan College should prohibit smoking even if it brings a battle.


The worst thing about my school is lack of diversity. As I sit in class, sometimes I feel really odd amongst my peers. It's hard to avoid feeling this way due to the fact that I am usually the only Hispanic in the classroom. Having different cultured students would definitely be great.


There is nothing bad about Manhattan College


The worst thing about my school would have to be arts involved clubs because there barely isnt any. There's not clubs that can show students how to dance a particular dance, or play a specific instruments except the Irish Pipes; which isn't very popular.


The lack of comunication between students and faculty, combined with the lack of school spirit. The admisinstration as a whole does not care what the student has to say.


The worst thing about Manhattan College is the food. Even though there are three cafeterias as a freshman or a transfer you can only really eat in one of the cafe's and you have a choice of only a basic freshman/transfer meal plan for your first semsster. After that you can change your meal plan and go to the other cafes which are much better than the main one.


school is very small, not too many course sections available, over sized classrooms


I think that the school should have a better endowment. Majority of the students here come from upper middle to upper class families. I came from middle middle class and its a really big struggle for me to be here. I wish there were more scholarship/aid oppertunities.