Manhattan College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about this school is it's close proximity to Manhattan, yet still retaining a safe, small, secure campus with a college feel. Other city schools stick you right on the busy streets of Manhattan. However, this school feels a little too small at times. People don't know this school when I tell them about it, but I don't care about that. The look of wonder on their faces when you tell them it's near Fordham says, "Why don't you go to Fordham then?" As long as the name of the school doesn't matter to you in accordance to friends and family, it's fine, however, the name is well known in the city. This school has an amazing English department, and, the internships you can get with Engineering and Communications are incomparable. Students mostly complain about the rooms in the Freshman dorm buildings, the food in the main cafeteria, the people who run student activities, and not getting enough flexibility with staying in their rooms during breaks.


Starting with the pros, BMCC is located in Manhattan, which is a thriving environment surrounded with a variety of resources offered by the city. The location is particularly located near the financial district and looks pretty. Another good aspect of BMCC is the diversity, which gives you the opportunity to interact with several different ethnicities. Some things that I dislike about the school are the faculty and students. In my experience talking with faculty, they are uninterested and unhelpful; however, I have met some extremely helpful and inspiring professors. Since BMCC is a community college, some students are not as passionate about there studies. Many of them still carry around the "I don't care" mentality.


MC was a great college for undergrad. Its a small college but was the best 4 years! I would highly recommend it!