Manhattan College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Manhattan College is a Catholic school designed for students dedicated to their studies. A person who works hard, in and out of the classroom, will achieve what every college student strives to be: a profressional. Manhattan College's goal is to make its students professional even before they graduate. There will be a lot of time to sacrifice, but those who are patient will see succeed and see what those 4 years were really about.


To truly be a Jasper, a student must be willing to take on the big city in a small classroom setting. Emboldened by this, a Jasper is ready to take on any opportunity that comes before them. New York City is a big place, but Manhattan's campus is small, allowing a student to get the help they need to succeed.


the kind of person who would attend manhattan college should be a responsible person who is ready to achieve good scores in classes and aim for a high GPA, also to religously open minded, as this is a catholic school & religion classes is a must


Anyone who is intereste din a small school enviorment and does not want to be lost in the crowd. Anyone who is especially, interested in gettng involved wethere it be atheltically, artistically or socially every group is so welcoming and easy to participate in.


A well-rounded individual should attend this school. Someone who wants to receive a quality education and meet terrific people who will be friends for life.