Manhattan College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who is looking for a large school in a quiet setting shouldn't attend Manhattan. It is an enclosed campus in an urban setting with less than 5,000 students. If a person does not like the noise and busy-ness of the city, he or she will not enjoy Manhattan College.


A person looking for a large campus with a diverse social scene should not attend.


Anyone who is into partying


A person who doesn't like to put in the effort to meet people. If you like big builds and alot of modern architecture this is not the school for you., because the classes are small and buildings are only three stories high and archaic looking. If you don't like to participate, and seeing the same people everyday. It is a small school and the classes are very compact and small, teachers know your name and most people know each other.


If you don't like being limited in people. Not a lot of people go to this school because it's so small.