Marian University-Fond Du Lac Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is looking to stay in a small town, and who takes their education seriously.


depends on your major, nursing....focused most other majors....moment to moment


Mostly people from WI


This college is for everyone. You see many people around. This school is open to everyone. You can be from every were, we have someone here from New York. We also have some from across seas. They come from all over, it is for everyone.


Someone who wants to create a funfilled social life by being part of many clubs, organizations, and social groups throughout campus. Also, those pursuing multiple fields of study ranging from Business to Radiologic Technology to Nursing will find this school to be very benefital to their field of study.


Anyone who wants to meet a variety of people in classrooms and at social events. Whomever attends will be treated like family.