Marian University-Indianapolis Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.




This school is best known for the education in all professional areas. This school gives alot to humanity, the poor and those needing help in third world countries. This is a catholic school but religion is not crammed down your throat, this school respects all religions and cultures. This college is known for its spirituality, the nursing program is one of the best in the state of Indiana. The school is also know for smaller classes so the atmosphere is more relaxing and the instructors are vey knowledgeable of the are they teach in.


cycling, Adult programs


The school is best known for their education program and their nursing program both of which have a ton of people in each program.


I feel that I my school is best known for their academics. We do have sports but I don't think that is Marian's main focus. The faculty is more focused on education and achievment and this is what is seen at Marian College.


Marian is best known for its close-knit community, small classes, and friendly staff.


It is best known for its academics for a private Catholic college.


Marian is renoun for its dedication to the Franciscan values; it produces quality graduates and has an incredibly strong alumni loyalty. Marian is small but very cozy. The teachers are very friendly and the staff is wonderful. I can't think of anything but wonderful things for my college.