Marian University-Indianapolis Top Questions

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Marian provides great individualized support to their students and prospective students. I have never felt like a number, but rather a valued person they want to succeed and acheive the goals I have set. Faith is an important aspect of Marian as well. They provide many opportunities for service, community building, and living the faith.


Its is located in a growing city. The campus isnt to small and it isnt to big.


The campus enviroment was very friendly and the faculty was very welcoming.


The professors are very into their jobs. You can always go to them for extra help. As long as you put forth the effort and ask for help when you need it there is no way that you should fail.


My college is a catholic faith based school which means that that have values, that they expect students to follow. You don't have to be catholic to attend this school, and currently we are a private college school the student/teacher ratios are low, which allows for more one on one with the students.


Very small, close-knit school. Provides excellent opportunity to work closely with professors and other students.


One gets to know everyone on campus, from students, to staff, and faculty. There is no red tape of lofty administrations. The school genuinely cares about its students and wants to see them succeed. The student government and activities board are amazing and really make campus a wonderful place.