Marist College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


The Fashion Design Program


Marist is known for their strong programs in fashion, science and much more. They give students powerful learning experiences and internship opportunities.


Marist College is best known for there Communications and Business Management degree program.


My school is best known for its outstanding education system and ability to help students like me get to have a good career. It is also known for the good programs it provides and its good resume among other colleges.


Best known for technology available on campus for students and faculty. A great partnership with IBM which is near by. Great internship connections and really good short and long term international studies programs. We have a really good Communcations major program and a good program for Biology majors. There's a good program of speakers visiting the campus to present on interesting and helpful topics and a new special program on campus education for violence intervention though we have only had 1 reported incident this school year.


My school is best known for it breath-taking campus.


marist is known for being academically focused. there is a small focus on sports with the womens basketball team.


It is a liberal arts school. Many people come here for the Law Program.




Marist College is known for its relationship with IBM , St. Francis and Vassar Brothers Hospitals. It is also known for its effective and active Campus Minstry which provides many services for the community, students and school. Marist also has a very strong internship program both locally and worldwide.


Marist is known for their strong Business and Communications schools, their atheletic programs, their study abroad program and community service opportunities.


The affliation with IBM, and state of the arts library


Very small campus and students receive a lot of attention from professors


Mediocrity. Everyone at Marist dressed, talks, and acts the same. They are generally uncultured and obnoxious. They epitomize the "loud, ugly American" stereotype.


Being innovative for technology, having a beautiful campus, having a strong communications program, being a good school in general.


Athletics, Fashion, Communications, and Business


business, basketball, education, phsycology, communications


The connections it has with the IBM computer company.


Known for it's beautiful campus and sports.


Our communication and fashion programs and great. Also our basketball team does pretty well for such a small school.


We are best known for recently becoming a popular school and becoming more recognized for our academic standing. Marist College looks good on a job application.


Our school is best known for its educational standard. Every year its harder to get in, but the quality of students and professors have created a rich learning environment and a reputation that is sweepings through every high school. Our schools consideration for ones education and future has created marist a banner sign for education that is very strong.