Marist College Top Questions

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Marist is the only school with a Red Fox as a mascot; his name is Shooter. If you attended any other school, a common argument would be which school has the best panther, or who's cardnal has a better costume. Not at Marist; we are unique and very original, not to mention Shooter has a cool costume that attracts kids.


The most unique aspect of Marist College that I found during my college search was its accessibility. Marist College offers a wide range of different courses, majors, and minors with Professors ready to help you. Professors are easily accessible to speak to as well as professional guidance, extra help, counseling, eateries, and facilities throughout the campus. Marist College is truly built to serve the students.


Marist started as a Catholic school, and Catholicism is still the dominant philosophical force on campus. They have a chapel and regular masses, and there are Christmas trees in every building during the holiday season. It's nice to see an institution which respects all religions but is unapologetic in its focus on Christianity.


Most of all, I enjoy the scenery. Marist college is located off the shore of the beautiful Hudson River. Not only is it the view of the river, but since Marist is in the Hudson Valley, there is a gorgeous view of the mountians and hills that surround the the college. Walking around the campus on a peaceful fall or spring day is nothing short of delightful. It makes the whole college experiance seem not as overwhelming. One can walk around campus and simply clear their mind. It is most enjoyable.


What really bothered me though was the religiosity of the college. I had successfully managed to avoid indoctrination for the first 18 years of my life. So, why spring for the chance to be condemned for the way nature made me?


Possibly the internship programs. Being at Marist I thought it was common for students to have internships, until I came home and talked to my friends from other schools, who complained about how difficult it is at their schools to find internships or jobs.


My school has a lot of different majors and minors to choose from. Therer is something for everyone


I'm obsessed with Marist and it was the perfect choice for me. I've made friends that will last forever here. Marist also has an amazing abroad program. You can go study anywhere in the world for a semester and Marist will help you do it. I'm going to Australia next semester and I cannot wait. This is the time to take advantage of the fact that we're free to travel the world if we choose.


Well I am transferring to Marist College its fall. I have learned more, made more friends, found the girl of my dreams all at a place I had not attended. This school is the school to be. There are always social events going on, always a place to go, and always something to do at any given time. Plus everyone is friendly here, and you make friends like its nothing; no awkwardness. I'm telling anyone who's reading this Marist College is the place to go. I regret not attending it from the start; missed out 2 years.


Marist is one of the up and coming colleges in the Northeast. (Named one of the "Colleges to Watch.") Admission has become more competitive, and the academic and social innovations continue to make Marist one of the top in the Nation.


I was terribly nervous to go college, but the sense of community, the small class size, and the friendly student population at Marist made it a VERY easy transition for me!


I love it here at Marist...that's pretty much all there is left to say.


I really can't say enough good stuff about Marist. I left Arizona for this school, and I don't regret it for a second. I have met some of the greatest people, I'm having the time of my life, and I feel like the opportunities are endless. That, I think, is what college should feel like.


Marist is such a great school. It's the perfect size, a great campus, and there is always something to do.


One thing that I haven't talked about yet is Marist's extraordinary abroad program. As a freshman, I got to study for the entire year in Florence, Italy. It was the best experience of my life and I'm so thankful that Marist enabled me to do this with a group of incoming freshman who are now some of my closest friends. If there's anywhere in the world that you want to visit, you will likely be able to find a way to study there for a few weeks, a few months, or even an entire year. It's a great experience that many Marist students take advantage of and the Marist Abroad Office is great for helping kids out with finding the program that best suits them.


Come check out Marist! It may be perfect for you!


Your college experience is what you make of it and there's so much more I can share, but I think you should just come on up yourself and check it out :D


GO RED FOXES!!!... shout out to brian apfel and sarah tierney.


Marist is a great school...don't let anyone tell you differently. The only real negative here is the housing situation, because Marist has more students than space to hold them. Other than that, Marist is a school on the rise, and I wouldn't be surprised if this school eventually got compared to Boston College, Villanova, and other top notch schools. If you're looking for a great education with a tight-knit campus and Division I sports to watch, Marist is the school for you.


Marist is full of upper-middle class suburban kids from the metro area/connecticut with lots of their parents' money. Attending this school can become costly.


This school is the underdog of most elite schools. Same education with a better atmosphere.


It's right on the Hudson River, and close to home.


Alot of activities and a lot of active groups to get involved in.


Just the overalll size of the campus. It's not that big so it's like a little community, were everone alomost knows everyone. This can be both good and bad at times.


It has an amazing campus, all of the green and the river are not seen at other campuses i considered. Also, the academic situation seems a lot better than other schools. It consists of hardwork and dedication, and slacking is definitely not rewarded; whereas, some schools i hear of are easy and you can slide ride through. It definitely has a home feeling to the campus as well.


One thing I don't like about the school is its ambiguity about its Catholic identity, especially since the administration often either downplays or is somewhat apologetic about the religious heritage of the college in its promotional materials. Legally it's not a Catholic college, but it still has Brothers who live in dorms and work as ministers or counselors; a factor which I don't see as anything to be ashamed of since some of the best schools in the country are both Catholic and welcoming of people of different faiths (Fordham, Georgetown, BC, Notre Dame). On the positive side, there's a good balance between being able to get heavily involved in religious activities if you wish to do so, but also not being bothered by anyone if that's not your thing and having a variety of people from different backgrounds.