Marist College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst part about the school is the location in the winter time. We have a beautiful campus right on the water and when it is warm it even seems majestic. But once the winter months hit, the wind start howling and it can get rather cold! Make sure to invest in a heavy winter jacket and some nice warm boots!


The attitude of some of the more wealthy students at the school is one of the worst parts, because many act very privileged and are clearly not there because they want to better their future, but because their parents are paying for them to be there.


The lack of cultural diversity. Most of the students who attend Marist College are from the Northeast: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut etc. These students are also mostly white, and come from similar background. Although Marist has made great strides at recruiting a more diverse student body from other states and countries, I felt my cultural experience fell flat.


Despite the exorbitant price of Marist, there are a decent number of people here that seem to be, well, idiots. Don't get me wrong, I've met some really bright, fun kids that I've made friends with. However, it is disheartening to discover that a small chunk of your college consists of Jersey-shore like people from - what's that state again - NEW JERSEY that prattle on about their Coach bags and Uggs. It's annoying.


Classes fill quickly so its often hard to get into the classes you want unless your a junior or senior.


I don't see many bad things about the school. Everyone is always trying to make Marist better. If anything, for me, it would be that there isn't a building for the Music Department. We don't have enough room to practice, and we needbetter areas to work in, than the basement that we are in right now.


Priority points.


The parking lots for the commuters aren't plowed very well and there is not enough lighting or parking.


Non-diverse, very focused on drinking and partying


The lack of diversity amongst its' student body. I felt as though I couldn't escape the stereotypical notions of Long Island and New Jersey's wealthy upperclass. I felt as though I was surrounded by people who only cared about the labels on their clothes, their bags, their fancy cars and the money Mommy and Daddy put in their account each weekend.


They aren't very financially forgiving. If you are late on payments, they charge you a lot extra and don't really give you enough time to make the payments. It's also quite expensive to go here.


The lack of faculty caring and the lack of interest by students


everything is repetative...everyone does the same thing every weekend


The worst thing that i believe Marist does is base everything on a point system. I understand that they want students to be involved but i think students would be involved no matter what especially since we are a small school. I feel most kids feel like it is a chore to get all the points necessary. Being in the LD program my grades are not like everyone else's but satify me. They give points based on grades and for someone like me who finds it difficult to get good grades shouldnt be penalized.


Everyone here is exactly the same and we have a bad reputation in town


The food, it is absolutely horrible.


There is a high consentration of people from New Jersey and Long Island, so most of the compus population is well of financially and expects you to be as well


I feel like the students at our school are apathetic, have no intellectual curiosity and no interest in anything outside of their comfort zone, at all.


Really, it's the fact that commuters have a very difficult time assimilating into the campus environment. People who live on campus get thrown into social situations easily, while commuters have only one small dedicated room to hang out("The Communter Lounge") and need to look desperately to find social situations to join.


Parking... there is not enough of it.




I guess I would say that in my opinion, the lack of diversity in the faculty and the student body is the one of Marist's biggest downfalls. There is very little diversity in race, background, economic status, religion, etc.

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