Marist College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Nothing, because everyday at college there is something new to discover and experience. That is what makes it amazing.


I wish I would have been more better prepared economically. I should have been applying to scholorships all through high school and I should have started saving up money a lot sooner.


I wish I had known a little bit more about my financial standpoint and the aid I was being offered. Although I received sufficient aid, I still find myself getting worked up over my future financial transition into life after college and my expenses on top of my loans.


Many students come in as freshmen already knowing people from their hometowns, making it difficult to make new friends, as groups are very clique-y. I also did not know how wealthy the general population of Marist is.


I wish I knew that it would be extremely hard to meet people. I also wish I knew that I would never get a chance to live on campus like I had at my former school my freshman year. I wish I knew how difficult and demanding the teachers could be.


I knew that college was going to be expensive, but I was unaware of how hard it actually is to find financial aid and scholarships. If I'd have known this sooner, I would have tried to better prepare myself for the financial hardship that would accompany my acceptance into this wonderful college. Anyone can tell you how a four year college is going to be expensive. Unfortunatley it is not until the bill arrives that you can grasp a true realization of how an education will impact your wallet.


I wish I had been aware of how much emphasis is placed on internships, and I wish I had been more aggressive about researching scholarship opportunities in regards to what Marist offers. I also wish I had been more familiarized with what I chose as my major - communications.






I feel I was completely aware of all information I needed to know before entering Marist College. I visited the school many times and had the opportunity to speak with students, financial aid officers and professors whenever needed. I received emails on a regular basis from those who would be my professors and advisors before entering my freshman year.


I wish I had known more about the type of people that attended and how small the school would feel after being here for over 2 years.


That I was not grown up before I got there and that I still have not grown up.

Brendan.Smullen there.are.a.few.outliers


Personally is wish i would have known about the food especially for freshman and some sophmores. The food is repetitve and mostly greasy. They rarely serve food that kids actually like. During the weekend the cafeteria should nto even bother to open. They provide barely any food and the food that they do serve tastes like left overs. I just dont think that its right that our school dosent serve good food and we pay an arm and a leg to go to Marist.


Study more!


I wish I knew the quality of people who attend this school. I also wish I knew to leave a paper trail (with names and dates and transcripts of phone conversation) when speaking with offices around campus. The people who go to this school are upper-class ugg and northface people-- with little to no effort in anything except binge drinking and random sex. As for the offices, they give you the run around. There is no one helpful at this campus; they always give you the 'it's no my job' line.


I wish I knew about the closed mindedness of the majority of students. Most come from upper-middle class families. There is a serious element of racism and ignorance towards minorities, artists, and alternative lifestyles at this school.


little diversity among students and faculty


nothing at all


I don't think I wish I had known anything. I am very satisfied with this school and there were no bad surprises.


While the administration and faculty are wonderfully tolerant, supportive, and open minded individuals, I wish there was more acceptance and openness of lgbt people by their peers.


I really don't think there's anything I could have known that would have really changed anything in my college life. It took a little while, but everything started to come together very nicely half-way through my junior year.


That playing a varsity sport is not only incredibly demanding but also in Division 1, trying to work or have other interests are easily pushed below the surface for the best interest of the team. More importantly if you have the determination you can do anything. I studied for 6 months for my stock broker license but I could of started earlier if I realized that its important to get ahead.

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