Marist College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is academically strong and passionate about the field they choose. The individual should also be friendly (Here at Marist we ALWAYS hold the doors for one another-- and sometimes you don't see that all colleges). Someone who learns best in an intimate learning environment should attend Marist. My largest class was 25 people and my smallest was 7; the professors actually know who you are and are always willing to work with you.


Those who would like to attend Marist College should be those individuals who are driven. Yes, Marist has a rigoros reputation, however, this college helps students discover who they are and provides the necessities required in order to go above one's own expectations. If you are motivated to fulfill your dreams, then Marist is right for you.


Any person who is willing to work hard and to become part of a community should attend this school. If one is willing to become involved in more ways than just going to class and filling a seat, such as community service, then they would do well at Marist.


Anyone interested in a good education in business, communications or design should attend this school.


Someone who is energetic and intrigued with what a higher education can offer them and is not afraid of a little work should attend Marist College.


this school mostly has upper middle class white students from the tristate area. people here are focused and driven but are used to getting things their way.


A person focused on career advancement, but there needs to be more politically and socially active people on campus.


A well-rounded, focused, fun, friendly person who likes to have fun but also work hard!


intelligent, hard working; good work ethic


If you were popular in high school, you'll fit right in. Don't forget to bring Daddy's credit card, 4 years supply of condoms and your handy dandy shot glass! Slightly insecure accepted, low self esteem a must!


A person that is focued on academics first that everything else second.