Marist College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of student that should attend Marist should be someone who is either involved in, or enjoys athletics. Our school is eighty percent athletes, who either participates in competitive or intramural sports. If you are not an athletic person, you will most likely be attending some sort of sporting event to cheer on your friends.


A student who is motivated, strong willed and excited about college. The Marist community goes above and beyond to make every student excited to learn and love the school. You have to be willing to be open minded to other students and embrace every experience given to you.


Someone who is looking for a primarily Greek-Life oriented social life. There is Greek-Life on campus, but it is not a large part of the social scene.


I would always make sure to check the strengths and weaknesses of each program. Business and biology were big programs at Marist, but there was not bachelor's degree offered in physics.


someone who is sued to large cities or schools


Basically someone who thinks paying a fair sum of money automatically equals a good education because here you need to earn your degree.


People who are overly sensitive, close-minded, apathetic, boring, and/or lazy should steer clear of Marist!


Someone who is self concious or unsocial.


Anyone can fit into this school.


The person that shouldn't attend this school is an introverted individual with minimal social skills.


If you're artsy, or very liberal this school isn't for you. If you're uncomfortable about your economic status, this school ALSO isn't for you. If you're of ethnic background and low economic status, find a completely different campus (or head across town to vassar). If you're easy going and laid back (california style) you wouldn't enjoy the people at this school. If you are environmentally friendly OR you look for challenging courses and peers, again, don't apply to Marist.


nice career focused hard working


Someone who doesn't like big cities, but wants to have things to do off campus.


Anyone who wants to major in engineering someone who wants a really big school someone who wants the best quality cafeteria food Someone who doesn't like cold winters


A person who is intensely academically focused and not interested in social or extracurricular involvement on campus may not do well at Marist because of the emphasis on clubs and campus life and because extracurricular involvement is a factor in being able to get good on campus housing.