Marist College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


High cost.


The most frusturating part about Marist College is the administration. It is nearly impossible to register for classes, change classes, request transcripts etc., without jumping through a variety of hoops and hurdles at this school. Even career and financial services are mismanaged. They do not provide the proper help to guide students due to the red tape.


When deciding the most frustrating thing about this school, i beleive it would be the limited time or comprehension of some subjects. The class room envioment is ideal and best fit for students like myself. Yet with the limited time one may have such comprensions for a class may nt be interpreted to the best of their written ability because they arent explained, nor looked at in a further depth of explaation.


I have only found the cost of books and equipment to be frustrating.


I don't think it is very hard. The material is easy and doesn't really make you think about it. I feel that it doesn't push me as much.


The most frusterating thing about Marist is the whole idea about priority points: you need to get the most points (out of 36) based off of diciplinary reasons, room conditions, grades and campus involvement. The priority points decide your housing, so you need to basically join a lot of clubs to get points, which is stressful with the hard work for class and for work-study.


It was difficult to find something very frustrating about my school, if I had to choose it would be the high cost to go here.


Everyone on the campus seems to be clones of each other. Most of the students dress the same, act the same, etc.


The most frustrating thing about this school, for me, is how easy some other majors seem and chemistry is hard-- but I bet that would be true at all schools. So maybe generally speaking, its frustrating that more people do not care abotu the environment or other people who are suffering around the world. It seems a lot of the people are self-centered.


Because Marist is not a big school, your personal life is not a secret. Everyone knows everyone else's business.


As a transfer student in the middle of the academic year, I had a hard time adjusting because of the limited orientaion I had.


The most furstrating thing is probably that freshman year there are only three or maybe four buildings so you live with a lot of people and that can get really frustrating, especially for girls because there is a good amount of girls at Marist that are still immature or rude. They try to pick on other girls. SO living with them can get annoying, but after freshman year it should be easy to avoid them.


The lack of diversity and open mindedness in the student body. There isn't a lot of room for individual growth and expression. It feels to me a little like my high school all over again, the people themselves are a little snobby. The school itself and the faculty are wonderful though.