Marist College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is all of the opportunities that are avaible. We have multitudes of clubs and chances to be involved with the outside community. Most students are required to particpate in one or more interships, summer opportunities like job training, or student teaching experience. The best thing about all of this is that there are so many resources avaible to prepare you for "on the job" experiences, and to immerse you in the world that you will be living in after graduation.


The best thing that Marist College provides, is the resources it has to offer, such as the tutors and teachers availabilty to the students. This is because, they are of great assistance when it comes to students needs. As a people they make it an easier learning experience by further explaining things that I as a student may not understand. As well as making time for the students, by providing a time for a one on one basis, where the sudent and teacher or tutor can soley focus together on an area of difficulty.


The best part of the school is the close community environment. A person can get a good education anywhere if they are willing to put in the effort, but at Marist the atmosphere is much warmer and supportive than in other campuses. At some colleges I looked at it was clear that the students have to seek out support and friends, while at Marist all of that finds you.


I love the campus and our location right on the Hudson.


Access to on line courses, the instructors and the people I meet.


The small class sizes, and great on campus housing.


nice people all around




The best thing about Marist College is the location. It is evenly in the middle of both New York City and Albany. Being in between these two major cities allows students to find real-time jobs and internships in these areas. We are also down the road from the IBM Headquarters, where many students find themselves working or interning.


The opportunites for a good education and career.


The best thing about Marist is the Marist community. Everyone here is friendly. I am always meeting new people, and also have made best friends freshman year that I will have forever. As much as Marist isn't diverse, everyone can find there own spot where they belong.


It's in a nice location? Honestly, my school has gone downhill so much since I started that I can't think of anything I'd label "best."


The name is recognizable. It has a fairly good reputation somehow, and there are many internship opportunities.


The school is not too large but it has enough students to make it interesting. The classes are a fair size. Academics are challenging social life is good.


The social life has to be the best part. Everyone is extremely friendly and people get along very well for the most part. People easily have a great time with one another and upper-classmen make a big effort to welcome in freshmen to ensure they have just a good experience as they had. The academics here are very impressive and the business school does a good job of bringing in professors with a lot of experience in the 'real world' and helping their students get into the 'real world'.