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Marquette University

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Describe the dorms.

Take my advice when I say live in McCormick your freshmen year! I promise you will not regret it. Yes, I am talking about the gross 1970s circular dorm affectionately deemed "the beer can." While many first years will opt for the classier apartment-style rooms of Abbottsford or Straz, you are missing out on pretty much the frosh social scene. This is where everything to see in college will most likely be seen, if not experienced yourself, in the first two weeks. Think of it as losing your college virginity by just simply ripping off the bandage. You live in a building with 700 other college students, what else do you need? I believe it is the only frosh dorm with communal bathrooms, which results in countless memories and friendships. It smells and is small and looks gross, but you will meet your best friends there!

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